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ebook cover art for Towers of Midnight

Posted by Jason on Jan 14 2011 12:00 PM under in Towers of Midnight
Tor Books has released the cover art for the upcoming ebook release of Towers of Midnight, the thirteenth book in the Wheel of Time series. In most months since October 2009, Tor has released one book in the series in a variety of electronic formats. See below for a full list of links to the released books, as well as a schedule of the remaining upcoming releases.

With each eBook, Tor is including brand new artwork for the "cover". A different artist has been selected for each one, giving the art team at Tor a chance to provide us fans with a variety of styles.

Click the image seen here to enlarge

This month, the artwork is by Raymond Swanland. The ebook will be released on January 31st.

As with the previous covers that were released for the ebooks, Tor Art Director Irene Gallo has done a write up about the process behind creating this image. Be sure to check out the full article. Here's an excerpt:
   Clearly it struck an emotional chord in fans of the series and I knew it would be a great visual....but so close to the end of the series, I was hoping to showcase Rand. And there are awesome Rand battle scenes! But no matter how many people I asked, including all of the WoT community on Tor.com, everyone kept mentioning this scene.
Towers of Midnight eBook cover by Raymond Swanland
Click to enlarge
Wheel of Time eBook News and release schedule
Tor Books plans to re-release each one of the Wheel of Time novels as ebooks according to the schedule below. Each will have new cover art, specially commissioned for the eBook format. Each will feature a different artist.

So what do you think of this new image? Leave your comments below. Remember, we'll have a more detailed report on the overall future of the Wheel of Time print-edition covers at a later time.
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Posted by Jason on Jan 14 2011 12:00 PM under in Towers of Midnight


Everything about this cover is awesome. The fire, the wolf, leaping towards the hammer, Perrin's clothes...

Once complaint is that Perrin's face looks more like what I'd image Genghis Khan to look like... just saying.
wow, the artist who did that must be amazing!!! They have depicted this scene so well!!! and they did perin really well, better than most drawings i have seen of him..

I'm glad so they made this scene as the cover art!! :perrin:
As my favorite character and the one who has struggled from chronic lameness throughout much of the series I've been pleased to see two of aperrin's biggest moments depicted so beautifully in these e-covers. Is there a planned release date for New Spring?
I don't see the wolf leaping towards the hammer ? I see a wolf on the wolf "banner" in the background. and what looks to be a dragon in the flames coming Off the newly forged hammer. is that what you mean bgrishinko ?
well I guess if I look at the smaller pic it could be a wolf in the flames leaping off the hammer. . .

Really great work btw! ! !
Move over Thor and Mjolnir. Behold Perrin Goldeneyes and Mah'alleinir!
Fantastic stuff! I've yet to see a bad cover; they've all been so very rewarding but Swanland has shown us a truly heroic Perrin Goldeneyes. Of the three Ta'varen I always felt the least connected to Perrin but what Brandon and Robert brought us between in Towers of Midnight was a character reaching full and glorious maturity.

It's nice to see him finally get over himself and out from under that mountain of angst he's been carrying so bloody long! Jeeeeeeez *phew*

There will be some epic smiting from Young Bull come The Last Battle.

ah, the picture with the book title in it (at the bottom) is a more finished picture than the larger one provided here, defiantly a wolf on the one with the title. . if these keep coming out so well I won't be able to pic a favorite!
Those pictures are bloody amazing. I can see what Faile sees in the Wolf King! ...and I would go weak in the knees if I ever ran into someone that looked that....menacing! :unsure:
That's funny... in the smaller pic, it does look like a flame wolf, but in the larger a flame dragon. This representation of the forging of Mah'alleinir is very good. I particularly like the glow in Perrin's eyes. Is it from the fire or just his golden tint? I'm continually impressed by how many awesome WoT artists there are out there.
just awesome
I think Perrin just became my favourite character!
Big picture is not the final art
beautiful. i never pictured perrin like that, it's more like how i pictured elias, but it's gorgeous, and perrin deserves to look cool. and somewhat demonic.
I think he had to look a little evil. The Whitecloaks are always screaming shadowspawn.
That is the most awesome/epic cover art I seen in any fantasy book!
The art team has done the community proud with the artists they have picked. All of them are stunning pieces and are well worth the price of the e-book alone.
I just hope that my version has this piece on the cover.
Why couldn't they get this art on the novel dust jackets? All of the ebook covers are great moments in that book and is far more accurate than the horrible art that we have now. Great scene to have on the cover.
Simply awesome! I have believed for a long time that the e-book covers should also be on the hard copies. Just look at it! It is too amazing. That scene remains one of my favorite in the series. I'm glad it was choosen to be the cover.
Also, I'm seriously hoping that when aMoL comes out, it will have Rand on the front. Nothing else will do.
i think they said, when they first started posting the e-book covers, that they were considering re-issuing the books with different covers. i like this artist very much for that. my favorite so far, from this pic anyway.
Pretty epic. Def. beats COT amongst the new ones and is in my top 3 along with TSR and WH. While I actually think DKS did a decent job with TOM, this version>all others.

Only complaint, the wolf looks too much like a dragon from up close
i like the wolf-dragon blend/confusion.
Wow!!! Simply breathtaking. I was torn between this scene or a scene depicting Noal's last stand complete with Aelfin and Mat and Thom in the background. And I must say I am very pleased with what we got.
and looking at this image I can now understand why some people might mistake this guy for shadowspawn.

Also it looks like there is another human being over on the right edge of the scene in the background. Could this possibly be Neald?
and I'm not sure if its the same artist doing all these covers but if it is then Harriet, please commission this guy to do all the art work for the WOT Encyclopedia. And please include A LOT of it.

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