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Book Tour Information for A Memory of Light

Posted by Dwynwen on Nov 26 2012 06:00 AM under in A Memory of Light

The information you've been waiting for is finally here! The following is a list of all the dates and locations for Brandon Sanderson's A Memory of Light signing tour. As usual, the tour will kick off with a midnight release party at the BYU Bookstore in Provo, UT. Festivities will conclude in Birmingham, AL.

You may notice a few things about this list. First of all, unlike last year's shorter tour, Brandon will be doing a full length tour this year. Second, this will be a split tour with some January dates and some February dates. Finally, some of the entries on this list say "to be confirmed" next to them. This just means that Tor is waiting for confirmation from those venues. We'll edit this list with updates when we receive them.

Also, just like the previous two tours, each site will have a select group of volunteer fans who will help run the show and document the event. These "Memory Keepers" will get a chance to meet with Brandon (and in some cases, Harriet McDougal Rigney) in private before the signing event. Applications to be a Memory Keeper can be found here.


A Memory of Light Book Signing Events

1/8/13: Provo, UT (midnight signing) – BYU Bookstore / w Harriet and Jason Denzel (For information about signed books at this event, be sure to read Brandon's blog post)

1/8/13: Minneapolis (Roseville), MN -- B&N @ 7pm / w Harriet

1/9/13: Chicago (Skokie), IL -- B&N @ 7pm / w Harriet

1/10/13: Dayton, OH -- Books & Co @ 7pm / w Harriet

1/11/13: Lexington, KY -- Joseph-Beth Booksellers @ 7pm / w Harriet

1/12/13: Charleston, SC -- B&N @ 2pm (off-site @ Addlestone Library/ College of Charleston) / w Harriet and Jennifer Liang

2/1/13: Salt Lake City, UT -- Weller Book Works

2/6/13: San Diego, CA -- Mysterious Galaxy @ 7pm

2/7/13: Los Angeles (Huntington Beach), CA – B&N @7pm

2/8/13: Sacramento (Citrus Heights), CA -- B&N @ 7pm / w Jason Denzel

2/9/13: San Francisco, CA – Borderlands @ 3pm

2/11/13: Portland, OR -- Powell's (Beaverton store) @ 7pm

2/12/13: Seattle, WA -- University Books @ 7pm (off-site; University Temple United Methodist Church)

2/14/13: Vancouver, Canada -- Chapters (Metrotown) @ 7pm 

2/15/13: Toronto, Canada -- Bakka Phoenix (offsite at Lillian H. Smith Library) @ 7pm

2/16/13: Milford, NH The Toadstool Bookshop @ 2pm (off-site; The Amato Center for the Performing Arts)

2/18/13: Baltimore (Hanover), MD -- Books-A-Million @ 7pm / w Harriet

2/19/13: Philadelphia, PA -- Free Library @ 7:30pm / w Harriet

2/20/13: Raleigh, NC – Quail Ridge Books @ 7:30pm / w Harriet

2/21/13: Atlanta, (Norcross), GA -- Eagle Eye Books @ 7:15pm (off-site; Norcross Cultural Arts Center in conjunction with the Gwinnett County Library system) / w Harriet and Jennifer Liang

2/22/13: Birmingham, AL -- Books-A-Million @ 7pm / w Harriet and Jennifer Liang

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Posted by Dwynwen on Nov 26 2012 06:00 AM under in A Memory of Light


Hopefully Brandon can make it back to Australia some time after the US tour :)
Once again Michigan gets left out!
And still swinging wide of Louisiana. I guess the smell of corndogs is just too powerful.
I'll be at the Maryland signing, I'll see you all there!
Do we have to do anything specific to reserve a copy for the Provo, UT release? I want to make sure I get one!
You'd have to check with the bookstore. The same goes for any other bookstore on this tour. They all have different ways of running these things.
Lots of WoT love from Detroit!

Once again Michigan gets left out!

Every single times, so annoying lol
NEW YORK!!!!!!!! come on man
It does seem I have prematurely pre-ordered two books. The more the merrier. It sucks that New York is not on the list. But it happens. For whatever reason he doesn't make it to various different states, we are still very glad to have A Memory of Light.
Posted Image
Seriously, TOR is literally a few blocks away from the Union Square B&N. Come on!
really??? nothing anywhere in texas??? :(
Looking like Lexington or Birmingham for me. Lexington would be sooner I guess.
Tejas is just left off huh?
What about Indiana? Little old Fort Wayne, IN, the most obese city in the nation? Got nothing better to do here than sit around and read books ...
imma head to Philly if any1 wants to group up lemme know
Yay! No one ever has anything in New Hampshire!

Damn it on the Dark One, they have events in Portland and Seattle but not Spokane.  We might as well be in the Aiel Waste

So I checked TOR's website and it doesn have the toronto date listed (I realize it says to be confirmed above) was just wondering if this date is not on the tour or still just pending?

Damn it on the Dark One, they have events in Portland and Seattle but not Spokane.  We might as well be in the Aiel Waste


True fact...


Anywhoo, I wish Harriet would be at more dates!

There is not going to be a book signing in NYC? Please set one up!.


Nothing in Texas at all?! That's so upsetting. I wonder if I can make it to another one somewhere else.

I'm so pumped for this.  I can't wait.

Come to NZ in the new year!!!!! PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!

any word yet on the Calgary date?

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