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Memory Keeper Application Process

Posted by Dwynwen on Nov 26 2012 06:00 AM under in A Memory of Light
The final book in the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light, will be released on January 8, 2013. This date also marks the beginning of Brandon Sanderson's A Memory of Light book tour. You can find the list of dates, locations, and venues here.

Dragonmount will be recruiting approximately 5-7 Memory Keepers for each book signing event. The Memory Keepers will get the coveted opportunity to meet with Brandon (and in some cases, Harriet McDougal Rigney) in a casual setting before the actual book signing. This usually involves meeting for a meal at a location near the signing venue. Memory Keepers will have the chance to get their books signed without having to wait in line with the crowds. They will also receive a free Memory Keepers tee shirt to commemorate their involvement with the book tour.

In return for this opportunity, we're going to put you to work. Each Memory Keeper will be asked to help document the event in different ways. Some will take photos. Others will take notes and do a blog write-up for Dragonmount to share with the wider community. Some will hand out promotional materials to people standing in line. If the bookstore needs help organizing lines, one of the Memory Keepers will be there to help. If Harriet needs a glass of water, the Memory Keepers will be there to take care of that.

Another important task for some of the Memory Keepers will be to get involved on our message boards and on our Facebook group to help promote the event. We'll probably ask that each "regiment" of the Memory Keepers get together in person at the bookstore once before the event in order to work out logistics and delegate tasks. You'll be provided with a packet of more detailed guidelines once the teams are assembled.

How to Apply:

We are currently accepting applications. Click here and fill out the form to apply. You cannot apply more than once. You cannot serve as a Memory Keeper for more than one event in this tour, and we regret that we cannot choose you again if you were chosen as a Storm Leader or Tower Guard in previous years.

The deadline for applications is 11:59 PM (Pacific Standard Time) on December 7th. We will be contacting everyone via e-mail within a week of the deadline to let you know if you have been selected or not.
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Posted by Dwynwen on Nov 26 2012 06:00 AM under in A Memory of Light


Applied! Pick me! Pick me!

But if you don't, I'll see everyone at the San Fran signing.
Tower Guard for life. To everyone who applies, this is an outstanding experience. I am saddened that I cannot help again, but I'll be out there at a signing to support the series! It's almost here :)
By the way, if there aren't enough people that apply, can we sign up for a second time?
So what happens if we want to be a Memory Keeper for a later event? (I mean, I at least HOPE they are planning to come to Las Vegas at some point!)
I was a Tower Guard and even though Brandon and Harriet were late (stupid flight delays!) and we never got to hang out with them, it was an experience I still gush about whenever I meet another Wheel of Time fan :) Good luck to everyone who applies!
Signed up for Sacramento, would be an awesome birthday gift, and an honor, if I am chosen.
Storm Leader here, Loved it. I am heart broken I can not help with this final tour.
I presume NYC is going to be 2/17 then? (given the other dates)
Putting in for that; hopefully PNH and the rest of the TOR crew show up.
We're anticipating hundreds of applications, and probably more than usual since it's the last book. There won't be empty slots left over.

The tour locations that I posted are the ones Brandon is doing. If you don't see your city on the list, I'm sorry to say he won't be there this year.

Jason and Jenn are picking the Memory Keepers, so bribing me won't work. :)
Renee I'll see you at maryland right?
I have applied for Charleston! I will see some of you there regardless!
Argh. My finger slipped and hit Enter when I was not quite finished. My entry ends "(If I'm "...ahh!
Ugggghhhhhh, why isn't there anything in Colorado? :sad:

I would have loved to spend a day with Harriet and Brandon even if I was fetching them water and keeping things organized. I love to organize. :woe:

Posted Image
@ Heavytabbs - You betcha! If you play Magic, bring your cards and we'll play while we wait :)
Just applied! Hope to help with the Provo event! Can do Salt Lake as well.
Gah! Hit enter to soon too!!
If you hit enter too soon, just submit a second application. Other than making sure the form is working, I won't be reading any of these until the weekend.
The form isn't working for me! Help!
Thanks Jenn!

Woo Hoo...Birmingham.  Gives me an excuse to swing by and see my parents..Ha

Well after being a ghost around here for many years, I couldn't think of a better way and time to get involved. Applied for the Toronto signing.

I applied for the Lexington signing and am super excited.  I hope to see some of you there.

I haven't been on the forum for a few years, but sent in my registration form for the Philly signing. Yet, I forgot to answer the question about forum participation....this is what happens when you're doing this in the midst of finals...Oh well... I still don't think I quite qualify, since I only have read the first two books of the series (I am a fan of too many things).

I am so excited for these events. I was selected to be a Storm Leader, but had to turn it down last minute because the Army changed my leave dates, so when the signing I was chosen for happened I was somewhere over the Atlantic. I hope I can get a second chance, but if not, I'll still be happy to attend the signing and get my thirty seconds with Brandon. Even more importantly, I'll be surrounded by fellow fans!

I'm super excited, hope to get picked for San Diego!

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