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A Memory of Light Previews at JordanCon

Posted by jenniferl on Apr 09 2012 05:00 AM under in A Memory of Light
The organizers of JordanCon, the annual convention for fans of the Wheel of Time and other fantasy literature, released the following announcement today:

Jessica Nasca


ROSWELL, GA-- JordanCon, a literary fantasy convention held near Atlanta, GA will

host an exclusive viewing of the art of legendary science fiction and fantasy artist Darrell

K. Sweet
as well as a preview of the forthcoming final novel in the Wheel of Time series,

A Memory of Light. Reading a selection from this highly anticipated conclusion to the

series is Harriet McDougal, editor of the series and widow of its creator and author,

Robert Jordan.

At the time of his death on December 5, 2011, Darrell K. Sweet was working on the

cover of A Memory of Light. The concept art for this cover, as well as a special exhibition

of Sweet’s artwork—including never published rough drafts and concept art—will be on

display at JordanCon’s art show.

A Memory of Light is scheduled to release in January 2013, and is the 14th and final novel

in the best-selling Wheel of Time series, which was begun by the late Robert Jordan and

is being completed by Brandon Sanderson. Darrell K. Sweet was the original artist for the

series, and has illustrated each of the series’ covers. Renowned artist Michael Whelan is

painting the cover for the final novel.

Sweet illustrated science fiction and fantasy novels for over 35 years, and is well known

for his cover illustrations for the best-selling series The Wheel of Time, as well as many

other novels, including best-selling novels by Piers Anthony and Terry Brooks. Sweet

was nominated for a Hugo for his work in 1980, and was the Guest of Honor at the World

Fantasy Convention in 2010. He was slated to be the Guest of Honor at the 2013 World

Science Fiction Convention.

Sweet’s son, Darrell R. Sweet, himself a noted artist, will be attending the convention and

will be a featured artist in the show.


JordanCon is an Atlanta-based fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the

late author, Robert Jordan. Jordan was the author of the best-selling The Wheel of

Time series. JordanCon features four tracks of simultaneous programming, an Art

Show, a Dealers Hall, and charity events benefiting the Mayo Clinic. Past guests have

included Harriet McDougal, Brandon Sanderson, David Wong, Jana G. Oliver, David

B. Coe
and Eugie Foster. This year’s guests include Hugo-award winning author Mary

Robinette Kowal
and artist Sam Weber. In 2012 JordanCon is being held April 20-22 at

the Doubletree Hotel in Roswell, GA. For more information, contact: Jessica Nasca at


For more JordanCon discussion, check out our forums.
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Posted by jenniferl on Apr 09 2012 05:00 AM under in A Memory of Light


I'd squee if I wasn't too cool for that. :-)
A live preview by Harriet...amazing!
I can't wait to go!
Two quick things.

1 How in the WORLD do you not have the (co) author of the LAST book (brandon sanderson) actually AT The Year of the Dragons Jordancon??!

2 I more than understand errors, typos etc...but it is really HUGE to get wrong WHICH BOOK IN THE SERIES the FINAL one is lol. Its 14. Not 13. LoL.

man i wish i could go.................
I'm going to poke Jenn so she can poke Jessica about changing the error in the actual press release. I fixed the one here.
Oh, also, we too would love for Brandon to be at JordanCon this year. Sadly, his schedule is busy, and he's not always able to choose us over other obligations.
Dwynen...I completely understand about not always being available but it just sorta seems like for the (with the exception of Dragoncon) last major convention before the release of the last book in this epic.....every attempt would have been made to ensure his attendance...

He got a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour Australia this month, well after we signed our hotel contracts. It's not something he could turn down, nor would we expect him to. And after all, this is JORDANcon, not BRANDONcon. There's plenty of fun to be had without him.
Very grateful that Mr. Sweet's concept for the new cover will see the light of day. I hope it makes it on the book somewhere. Perhaps on the inside of the dust jacket or on the back cover. His artwork has been so recognizable on the shelves of bookstores over the years.
I wish I could go to meet Harriet as well. Hearing a reading from the last book by her will be very special.
Why so long until the release date
I personally am very happy that Brandon is in Australia at the moment since I can go and meet him, however I would have loved to go to JordanCon before the release of aMoL! I wish I could hear Harriet read the excerpt but I guess I'm just going to have to wait until Jan. 2013...so jealous!
Maybe the members of The 4th Age podcast (if they still exist ;) ) or someone else will be allowed to record the presentation...
It has been mentioned that we will not be able to hear a video of Harriet's reading, but, is there a chance that we can see DKS concept art for AMOL posted somewhere for those of us not fortunate enough to attend JC???? TOR??? ANYONE???? PLEASE??!??!?!?!?!?
Please let us see the concept art for AMOL
It would be nice to be able to attend. What are all the fns goingto do once the series is finished?

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