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Signed Copies of The Wheel of Time Companion

Oct 22 2015  

Great news from Ta'veren Tees!

Ta’veren Tees: The Wheel of Time Store is extremely proud and excited to announce that we hav...

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Wheel of Time TV series gets a Showrunner

Apr 20 2017  

Variety and 

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Gateway Shirt from Ta'veren Tees

Jan 24 2017  

Nynaeve and Lan can forever guard each other's backs - and yours - with the newest tee shirt design now available for preorder from Ta'veren Tee...

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WoT Video News: Towers of Midnight book trailer...

Jul 06 2011  Dragonmount is proud to announce that the Towers of Midnight book trailer has won three Telly Awards , including the prestigious Silver Award for Cinematography.


4th Age Podcast 22 news items

4th Age Podcast 112: Final predictions for AMOL

Jan 07 2013  

With the release of A Memory of Light upon us, the podcasters take a moment to tie up some loose ends, and talk about the...

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June Forum Roundup

Jun 22 2017  

Welcome back!  Many of us are moving into a scorching summer. I hope that wherever you are, you manage to stay on an even keel, temperature wise. What I wouldn't give for an ice c...

Fantasy Reviews 39 news items

Fantasy Review: Deadmen Walking

Aug 03 2017  

This month’s “Fantasy Review” is Deadmen Walking, by Sherrilyn Kenyon. A swashbuckler tale, with a hefty dose of ro...

Towers of Midnight 33 news items

Celebrating a Legend: Happy Birthday, Robert J...

Oct 16 2012  On this day in 1948, one of the greatest storytellers who ever lived, Robert Jordan , was born. I felt kind of inadequate when we were asked if one of the front page bloggers wanted to wr...

Fan Art Friday 99 news items

Fan Art Friday: Aiel

Sep 22 2016  

Greetings all!  Hallia here once again for another rendition of Fan Art Friday!  This month is on a topic dear to me as a desert dweller.  We will be taking a peek at a...

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The Eye of the World Reread: Part Four, Chapter...

Sep 21 2016  

Hello, and welcome to part four of our reread of...

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Fandom Flair: Yuri on Ice Cosplay

Jul 19 2017  

Welcome back to another exciting edition of "Fandom Flair."  I couldn't wait to have an opportunity to show off the Yuri on Ice co...

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Gleeman's Tales: Snooze Therin (Part 1)

Feb 04 2015  

Today's humor comes from a thread started by failemyfalcon that grew into somet...