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A Memory of Light 45 news items

Updated Info on the Wheel of Time Companion

Jan 07 2015  

Today Tor Books released new information ab...

Books and eBooks 38 news items

Tor Offers Previews of Upcoming Wheel of Time C...

Jun 16 2015  

Curious about what's in the forthcoming Wheel of Time Companion? So are we! 
If you haven't heard, the Wheel of Time Companion is a supplemental b...

Community & Events 146 news items


New Trolloc Shirt from Ta'veren Tees

Jun 12 2015  

Ta'veren Tees is releasing a new shirt design--in...

Video News 10 news items

WoT Video News: Towers of Midnight book trailer...

Jul 06 2011  Dragonmount is proud to announce that the Towers of Midnight book trailer has won three Telly Awards , including the prestigious Silver Award for Cinematography.


4th Age Podcast 22 news items

4th Age Podcast 112: Final predictions for AMOL

Jan 07 2013  

With the release of A Memory of Light upon us, the podcasters take a moment to tie up some loose ends, and talk about the...

DM Website news 156 news items

Forum Roundup: June 22-28

Jun 28 2015  

Welcome to another installment of the Forum Roundup.  Here I aim to bring you all of the brightest and best from around the Dragonmount forums, and all of the big news fr...

Fantasy Reviews 29 news items

Fantasy Review: California Bones

Jun 15 2015  

This edition of "Fantasy Review" covers California Bones by Greg van Eekhout.  It is the first in the series, followed...

Towers of Midnight 33 news items

Celebrating a Legend: Happy Birthday, Robert J...

Oct 16 2012  On this day in 1948, one of the greatest storytellers who ever lived, Robert Jordan , was born. I felt kind of inadequate when we were asked if one of the front page bloggers wanted to wr...

Fan Art Friday 95 news items

Fan Art Friday: Ilyena Sunhair

Feb 18 2015  

Let us talk for a moment about Ilyena Sunhair.


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Rotating Features 97 news items

A Roll of the Dice: Crafts, Games, and Felicia....

May 13 2015  

Greeting all! It is Thursday again meaning it is time for another installment of the Rotating Features blog! The dice have been been tossed and the featur...

Humor Blog 89 news items

Gleeman's Tales: Snooze Therin (Part 1)

Feb 04 2015  

Today's humor comes from a thread started by failemyfalcon that grew into somet...