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September Forum Roundup

Posted by Ryrin on Sep 29 2017 04:00 AM under in DM Website news

Welcome everyone to the lastest issue of the monthly Roundup!


Currently, there are members participating in a re-read of The Wheel of Time. Really, I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I am. Fortunately, I've found the ability to stay in the present with each chapter, rather than "foretelling" each character's ending thread in the Pattern. There are difficulties that pop up, reading a complex arc of a character as they gradually transform into a different person, due to the developments of the story. The need for paying close attention to the words becomes necessary. At times, I put the books down and integrate what I've just read. 

I'm aware that there are those that have re-read the entire series multiple times.


Why re-read The Wheel of Time?

Is it because we wish to mentally "inhabit" the created world of Robert Jordan? Is it because this world is so far reaching and developed? Do we enjoy searching for the "foreshadowing" which Robert Jordan so magnificently integrates into each book? Is it the layers upon layers of stories/hints that can be easily missed? Do we see through the eyes of different characters with each re-read?

As I re-read, I ponder these questions. I love the detail with which Robert Jordan created both his world and his characters. There was such depth; I didn't think I could take it all in with one read. I was astounded that in many aspects of this world, women dominate, not only with abilities but in other areas as well. The first read, my focus was centered on the White Tower and Aes Sedai. Reading along now, I'm more centered on Mat, Perrin, and the Aiel, along with some of the other characters and how they evolve. 

In conclusion, I've found The Wheel of Time is re-discovered with each reading. There never will be a time like the first, but don't let that hinder you from picking up the books again. New discoveries await you.


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Posted by Ryrin on Sep 29 2017 04:00 AM under in DM Website news


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