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August Forum Roundup

Posted by Ryrin on Aug 25 2017 03:00 AM under in DM Website news

Welcome back to the Dragonmount "Forum Roundup!"gallery_21251_412_5941.pngAs school begins and as we say goodbye to summer, my hopes are that all of your wishes and plans were fulfilled.I went to the coast recently and I was able to pick up the 2016 edition of Eye of the World! It is beautiful!gallery_21251_412_21293.jpggallery_21251_412_33571.pngThe edge of the pages are gold and there is an attached blue ribbon bookmark. Do you suppose that the whole Wheel of Time series will be republished in this style? I sure hope so. Finding this book on my mini vacation made the whole summer worthwhile.I've also started a re-read of the Wheel of Time. The Brown Ajah of the White Tower and Warders are hosting. I came upon the series in 2010 (rather late) and have re-read my favorite books and parts of the series. This will be the first time ever that I'm re-reading in order. I found A New Spring best read after The Dragon Reborn. I've just started that book. Yes, it seems as if the characters are old friends. However, the world of The Wheel of Time is so complex, there is something new every page.It's amazing how these books have brought us all together. We've celebrated the writing of Robert Jordan, mourned his passing, and waited for the completion of the series by Brandon Sanderson.Now, our excitement is directed towards a television series. The series can't come fast enough for me.In the time being, we can all meet up here, continue with our love of the Wheel of Time world and honor Robert Jordan's memory by keeping his creation alive.

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Posted by Ryrin on Aug 25 2017 03:00 AM under in DM Website news


The cover looks spectacular!! Really excited for the show myself and still enjoy this wonderful site

Thank you!! 

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