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Wheel of Time video news launch!

Posted by Jason on Mar 07 2011 11:00 PM under in Video News
Dragonmount is proud to announce the launch of the Wheel of Time video news! Hosted by Kristen Nedopak, this regular series of brief videos will attempt to showcase some of the exciting events happening in the WoT community.

For right now, you can subscribe and get updates when a new video is posted by visiting our YouTube channel. We will provide other methods of downloading and subscribing at a later time. (Once we figure them out)

Here's our first episode:

About the video team
Kristen Nedopak is an actress, show hostess, and huge WoT geek. You may recognize her from the video coverage she did for our Towers of Midnight book trailer. You can see more of her work at Nedopak.com.

The Wheel of Time video news was edited by Jonathan Barbato. In addition to video editing, Jonathan is a script supervisor working on set for various film productions.

Give us feedback!
We'd love to hear back from you about this video. What did you think? What sort of news would you like to see us cover?
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Posted by Jason on Mar 07 2011 11:00 PM under in Video News


This is great!

Where can we find the whole interview with Brandon, Harriet and Michael?
This is wonderful! But I've had no problem getting all the books from Audible over the last 4 - 5 years. They are all cheaper. On average I spend $22 on 2 points which equals 2 books. When I was buying the cd sets I was spending $50 - $60, plus I would listen to them so much that I would wear out the cd. It became a nightmare to keep up with it. I am only trying to provide an alternative for anyone who is interested!

(Side note: It cost 2 points for Sanderson's "Way of the Kings" but totally worth it)

I love the interview with Michael, Harriet and Brandon! And I knew from listening to the audio that Mr. Jordan loved to listen to the audio too.

I look forward to these videos, and anything I can get in the future.

Thank you! :nynaeve:
Agree with Alysha, I bought WH months ago for cheaper through audible with no trouble.

Honestly, to me, the big news is that Dragonmount has video news now, not that WH is available on audio book. I'm very excited to see more of these!
I will be watching these as soon as they come out!!! Are they daily, weekly, or what???? anyone know?
They will be monthly.
Loved it! Girl is cute too! Keep them coming!
Great, loved the interviews and can't wait to check out the new clip each month! I also got all the audio books through Audible, first books I got, LOL.
Yawn. Why do we need regular broadcasts for a book series that releases every two years with the final book coming next year?
@ Ituralde's Bannerman

Because for many people, the experience of WoT is more than just the words on page. There's a thriving, active community in which stuff is happening every day.

We respect that not every episode will appeal to every visitor, but we're also open to ideas on topics you want to hear about.
That was great, Kristen did a wonderful job.

I am interested in seeing the full interview with Harriet and Brandon as well.
So weird, it's like watching Rand giving an interview. I love it!
she is so hot

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