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WoT video news: How to Channel

Posted by Jason on May 02 2011 05:45 AM under in Video News
In this week's Wheel of Time Video News, Kristen shares her experience of learning how to channel.

Hmm. Perhaps she should remain a Novice bit longer....

This episode of the Wheel of Time Video News is sponsored by TaverenTees.com -- the official location for WoT t-shirts. "Wear a piece of the Pattern."

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Posted by Jason on May 02 2011 05:45 AM under in Video News


Btw, if you'd added a touch of Fire to the Travel Weave, you might not have had that ... unfortunate result. *angel face*
Haha. This is cheesy but funny. It would be cool to mess around with some actual visual effects and try to re-create the look of some weaves.
Bailfire anyone?

accidental typo
mess up a weave and it might be 'bail' fire...

healing madness...very visual when described in the book would have to look awesome with that CT scan or 3D MRI effect
Once Kristen's mastered channeling someone hand her the Red Rod ter'angreal please.
Healing (Nynaeve style!) is definitely what I would want to learn first and then Traveling of course!
I like your video segments. You really seem to be having fun and enjoying yourself. Thanks and pleas keep it up.

I have to agree with those up top who recommended Balefire!!!!!!

I can't help but wonder if BaleFire can actual erase events, or sort make things move back in time (??kinda??) then if there will be something that speeds up time in some sort of way? If you guys are laughing at me, or rolling your eyes, please note, I'm just getting ready to start Lords Of Chaos!!! I am a newbie!!

But I will say how happy I am to have found this site!! I am so glad there are other people like me who enjoy WoT as much as me and my family (I actually read a chapter a night to my four year old daughter and my wife, they love it too!!!!)


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