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Wheel of Time News: Wheel of Time Art

Posted by jenniferl on Jun 15 2011 02:35 PM under in Video News
In this week's "Wheel of Time Video News" our host Kristen Nedopak takes a look at some award winning Wheel of Time art and talks about how you can get featured in our Fan Art Friday blog.

For the complete list of Chesley Award finalists, visit Tor.com. The awards ceremony will take place at WorldCon 69, "Renovation" in Reno, NV. For more information about the Chesley's, visit the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists.

Darrell K. Sweet's website can be found here. And Sam Weber's can be found here.

For more information about the Hugo Awards, you can check out WorldCon's website.

And you can see all our Fan Art Friday articles here.

This episode of the Wheel of Time Video News is sponsored by TaverenTees.com -- the official location for WoT t-shirts. "Wear a piece of the Pattern."
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Posted by jenniferl on Jun 15 2011 02:35 PM under in Video News


Sweet's Wheel of Time covers are SO bad! How could he receive a reward for failing to portray epic scenes and characters 14 times now? Meh.
I think Sweet got worse over the years, but he still deserves an award for his outstanding work and career. Whether or not we like his art on the Wheel of Time books (I like maybe 2 or 3 of the covers) he has done a lot for this series and for the fantasy genre as a whole.

Still, the e-book cover art should get more awards!
Sweet's been working since the 70's. In the 80's and early 90's he was THE go to guy for fantasy book covers. He was nominated for a Hugo back in the 80's as well. That's why Tor picked him as the illustrator for the Wheel of Time. Sweet was at the height of his career and it was a mark of how much faith the company had in the new series. (Much like Tor getting Michael Whelan for the first Stormlight Archive book for Brandon.) And it doesn't help that tastes have changed so his covers look pretty dated now.

So yeah, Sweet's art and his reputation aren't what they once were, but that doesn't take away from his very long, very respected career.
There are studants at art schools who have more talent than him.
I wouldn't mind seeing more alternate versions of cover art like they showed for ACoS.

There are only a few WoT covers by Sweet that I actively dislike, and the TPoD cover is a large part of the reason why I started reading the series in the first place. It made me take the book off the shelf, I read the 'let the dragon ride again on the winds of time' quote, then I looked for the name of book 1 and bought it.
"Sweet's Wheel of Time covers are SO bad!"

They're not bad. The art is wonderful in fact.

There certainly is inaccuracy though. I'll agree with that. What's with Mat wearing that full plate Samurai armour, for example. Strangely that was one of the pictures Robert Jordan loved too, according to that video.

Then again, maybe he was just judging it as an art piece. And maybe the armour should be interpreted as symbolic rather than literal... but I'd have preferred something more accurate.
Kristen, your face reminds me of the depiction of Egwene on the Dragonmount header... =)

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