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WoT Video News: European Tour, new T-shirts, AMOL trailer updates

Posted by Jason on May 30 2011 11:20 AM under in Video News
This episode of the Wheel of Time video News features our hostess Kristen Nedopak talking about some of the latest news in the world of WoT fandom. She discusses Brandon Sanderson's European Tour, the latest t-shirt from Ta'veren Tees, and some hiring news for the A Memory of Light book trailers.

This episode of the Wheel of Time Video News is sponsored by TaverenTees.com -- the official location for WoT t-shirts. "Wear a piece of the Pattern." For more information about their special Memorial Day promotion, visit their website and learn how you can get their best t-shirt yet!

For more information about JR Burningham, who has been hired to direct the first AMOL book trailer, please visit his website at www.JRBurningham.com

For information about the final book in the Wheel of Time series,, check out our A Memory of Light info page.

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Posted by Jason on May 30 2011 11:20 AM under in Video News


Great show guys! A great, worthy cause by Taveren Tees! I'll definitely be buying one or several tee shirts for the cause (and the shirts look cool too :wink: ).
Nice T-Shirt. And nice Taveren Tease close-up. :blush:
I love the T-Shirt!!
I have been following him on Twitter! Thanks for the updates!
Absolutely love the t-shirt! I liked the humour as well, with the replacement Trolloc head on the dog. Genius! ^_^
Very, very excited about Brandon coming Down Under - so I did a quick search. Anyone know if he's just coming to Perth for Swancon 2012, or is he also going to Sydney/Melbourne?

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