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Towers of Midnight book trailer

Posted by Jason on Sep 04 2010 03:00 PM under in Towers of Midnight
Tor Books is proud to present the book trailer for TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, the penultimate thirteenth novel in The Wheel of Time series, written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

Produced by the creative forces of Dragonmount and Mythmakers Entertainment, this video is the first-ever official video representation of Robert Jordan's masterpiece series. The majority of the crew for this project were fans themselves, and were led by Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel, who directed the short.

WARNING: The book trailer contains SPOILERS! However, if you are very familiar with the story and have seen the U.S. Book cover, then these spoilers are not that bad.

We will have an exclusive feature on Dragonmount next week with extensive behind-the-scenes features related to the making-of the video. In addition, the Outta-this-world video blog will have video interviews with myself and the cast and crew.

So enjoy the trailer (produced with YOU--the fans-- in mind), and check back next week for all the behind-the-scenes features.

Directed by
Jason Denzel

Produced By
Tess Ortbals
Mythmaker Entertainment

Screenplay by
Brad Kane

Directory of Photography
Marlon Torres
Torres Studios

Sarah Barnard

Kate Reading

First Assistant Director
Andrea Bales

Script Supervisor
Jennifer Denzel

Visual FX
Marlon Torres
Darby Edelen
Jason Denzel

Sound Design & Mixing
Patrick Knipe

Concept Art & Matte Painting
Seamas Gallagher

Jason Denzel

Production Assistants
Tim Collins
Jeffrey Denzel
Matt Hatch

Special Thanks
  • Tor Books
  • Dot Lin
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Harriet McDougal
  • Charlene von Uhl
  • Kristen Nedopak

The Aes Sedai Great Serpent Ring™ is available for purchase from our online store. It is crafted and sold by Badali Jewelry

Pre-Order the book!

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Posted by Jason on Sep 04 2010 03:00 PM under in Towers of Midnight


Great trailer and Sarah's eyes were so -"seductive"- may be the wrong word but what can I say...Just as Moraine can draw you in with a look so can Sarah; especially all made up that way...any way "kudo's" to you and your team...It was outstanding and makes Nov.2, hard to wait for
Gah, the spoilers! *Claws out my eyes*

Great job to everyone involved with this it is excellent and actually makes me have more faith that a series or movie wouldn't be a horrible horrible idea. However I have a cousin named 'Sarah Barnhard' who is doing her residency in Sacramento... Got me good when I first read that and didn't realize some people share names.

Anyways can't wait until November 2nd! Thanks for this site and all that you guys do!
Wow.. that was really intense, putting a face and a voice to my favorite character after five or six years of reading the Wheel of Time :wub: ..
I can't wait for The Towers of Midnight.. Gonna have to fly to the US from Panama to get it on the day of the release ;)
That was absolutely awesome! Well done guys, now I'm looking forward to Towers of Midnight even more (if that is even possible...) :D
I love the Embers Falling on Dry Grass.
As far as book trailers go, not bad. Got my adrenaline pumping :)
LOVE the trailer and cannot wait for the book to come out!

*get his credit card ready*

I will have to say that Sarah Barnard made a really good Moraine. :D
I seriously got goosebumps watching this!! We need Wheel of time movies!!!!
this is an amazing trailer and a great standard for how the movies should be made. personally i think lotr was way overdone in some ways i think with a bit of quick feet and smart work these books could turn into awesome movies. but i also agree with the normal standpoint that a lot of people that it looks like it would take tons of books to make. but in all honesty a lot of robert jordans writings are so in-dept that for lack of a better term he's like a gleeman making you feel like your in the story com paired to a group of actors with cloth screens pretending they are in the story. still amusing to watch but personally i wish we had more gleemen then actors.
LOTR and the HP films both lacked the detail of the novels. That being said, I'd say that neither touch the detail present in WoT. Any attempt to put WoT to film would be an abysmal failure. I would go, I would watch it and I would likely cry and walk out.

The look and feel of this trailer, while good doesn't do much more than the cover on a book. Never judge a book by its' cover so they say. IMHO a feature film would have to be at minimum 4 hours long, and have 14 sequels? The public would never swallow it. The quality could never be maintained. Even if that were achieved, it STILL would never capture the nuance, the shock and awe of men and women playing with powers that essentially render them into gods (and still be watchable).

If WoT is ever successfully put to film and I enjoy it, I'll eat my hat. That being said, I actually like Brandon's style. Go figure. I thought I was going to waste the $30 odd bucks when I bought his/Roberts book. I was pleasantly surprised.
This is so freaking awesome. I want the movie now more than ever, and this is just for the book.
Light burn me, that almost gives me hope that the movie may actually turn out semi-decent... Great job everyone, this will go into my personal WoT collection as a true piece to the series - as soon as I can either find a download-able version or remember where my youtube snatcher is. An epic addition and a truly wonderful portrayal of Moirane Sedai, and perhaps the only way it could have been done.

Have I ever mentioned that I love WoT fans more then anyone else? We have the best community period, and that is coming from an anti-social who hates consorting with the general crowd...
Wow. Just, wow. This trailer is absolutely perfect. I love the Great Serpent ring and the embers falling. I have been reading the series for over 15 years, and this is the perfect interpretation of Moiraine and of the letter! Very well done. I can't stop watching it!
While I agree with the visual representation of Moiraine, I personally feel for her voice to be more British or have a French accent, I find the American twang hard on the ears and being a mysterious character, perhaps a more insideous accent is called for.

Other than that, good job :)
Mayhap, but having Kate Reading do the voice fits much better IMO. Just as Michael Kramer is the voice for Rand, Kate Reading has always been the voice for Moiraine to me.
The irony Belalan is that Kate is British and speaks with a British accent.

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