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Theoryland Interview with Harriet McDougal Rigney

Posted by Dwynwen on May 01 2012 08:50 PM under in Harriet McDougal

Matt Hatch of Theoryland fame recently sat down with one of our favorite people, Harriet McDougal Rigney, for an interview.  She was kind enough to divulge personal information about her life, and this beautiful interview reflects her keen wit, charm, and honesty.  The interview also provides an intriguing glimpse into the culture of Charleston and a peek into the workings of the publishing industry.  Here's an excerpt from the interview:



Jim said he started missing you after the two of you were done touring for The Fallon Blood, and that's when you started dating. Was he more like Rand, or more like Mat? In other words, did he make a concentrated effort to charm you, or did you just fall into his lap?
He wasn't like either of them; he was like Perrin. Well, he had huge shoulders and curly hair, and he had gone through—he was very gentle because he was so big. If there was ever trouble in a class he was in, in grammar school, the teacher always thought he must have done it because he was so big. So he took a lot of thought before he did things, and that's how he was like Perrin, in both of those ways. And very strong.
And do you think he wrote that into Perrin as we know him?
I think he's all of them.




That is just a small taste!  Go here to enjoy the complete interview.


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Posted by Dwynwen on May 01 2012 08:50 PM under in Harriet McDougal


Great interview! I can understand why people who are famous (or semi-famous) hold back personal details, but I get the impression that Harriet must have a fair amount of trust in our community to talk about her personal life the way she does. She was quite open in this interview. Thanks for posting it! And thanks to Harriet for being such a good sport!

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