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ebook cover art for Towers of Midnight

Posted by Jason on Jan 14 2011 12:00 PM under in Towers of Midnight
Tor Books has released the cover art for the upcoming ebook release of Towers of Midnight, the thirteenth book in the Wheel of Time series. In most months since October 2009, Tor has released one book in the series in a variety of electronic formats. See below for a full list of links to the released books, as well as a schedule of the remaining upcoming releases.

With each eBook, Tor is including brand new artwork for the "cover". A different artist has been selected for each one, giving the art team at Tor a chance to provide us fans with a variety of styles.

Click the image seen here to enlarge

This month, the artwork is by Raymond Swanland. The ebook will be released on January 31st.

As with the previous covers that were released for the ebooks, Tor Art Director Irene Gallo has done a write up about the process behind creating this image. Be sure to check out the full article. Here's an excerpt:
   Clearly it struck an emotional chord in fans of the series and I knew it would be a great visual....but so close to the end of the series, I was hoping to showcase Rand. And there are awesome Rand battle scenes! But no matter how many people I asked, including all of the WoT community on Tor.com, everyone kept mentioning this scene.
Towers of Midnight eBook cover by Raymond Swanland
Click to enlarge
Wheel of Time eBook News and release schedule
Tor Books plans to re-release each one of the Wheel of Time novels as ebooks according to the schedule below. Each will have new cover art, specially commissioned for the eBook format. Each will feature a different artist.

So what do you think of this new image? Leave your comments below. Remember, we'll have a more detailed report on the overall future of the Wheel of Time print-edition covers at a later time.
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Posted by Jason on Jan 14 2011 12:00 PM under in Towers of Midnight



(I know, lame, lame, lame, but I couldn't think of anything else good enough that hadn't already been said)

One of the BEST scenes of the entire series, and that's saying something because Perrin is totally NOT my favorite character...I'm a Dragon all the way (and a flamin' Mat Cauthon on the weekends!).

Chill-Inducing. Absolutely amazing.

The only caveat to my praise of this piece is that I don't remember the scene being so dark. I remember picturing this scene as very deep, but almost beatific, as if the Light itself was shining down on them while it was being made. Maybe I need to re-read sooner rather than later.

If this cover is to be considered canonical, then the inherent evilness in the depiction of this scene would seem to lend a lot of credence to why the Aes Sedai will not make a weapon with the Power.

Bottom-Line though: see top line.
Bloody perfect, that's all I can say... It's all there, the fire, the flying chunks of metal, the memories of Hopper (I will not cry, I will not cry...), the dark (yes, if memory serves this was at night) and the inherent confusion of the scene.

These covers just keep getting better and better... I almost shudder to think of what AMoL will look like...
I have an idea/suggestion. Tor should make prints of all the art used for these ebook covers available for purchase. I would love to get a set of prints for my house.
The only Problem i can find is that it does seem a wee bit dark for how i pictured it. I always imagined it to be an Awe-inspiring moment were we say the creator take a direct hand in the actions of man, but thats just me.
the picture is awesome!

[...does he looks a little Gangas-kahn-y to anyone else...]
i have no idea what genghis khan looked like, except he probably had mogolian features. so i'd have to say he doesn't look like genghis khan to me. more like pa ingalls during the hard winter, going for wheat. with demon wolf eyes instead of blue ones.
I found you at last Jan 31, I have been beside myself waiting for ebook thankyou thankyou. Is there anyway to convince publishers to release ebooks with hardcover, I buy ebooks cause I really don't care about owning the book just reading it, I'll write a letter...what ever just how to help push the idea of ebook not competing with hardcover just another subset of consumers
Note to TOR:

After the last book is released, you can make more money by selling a packet of dust jackets without the books featuring the eBook covers. You have no idea how fast they'd sell out so we long time hardcover owners could swap out our horrors of old for the awesome of new.
why is the scene is full oh darkness?
didnt he do it morning?
other than this silly complaint this rendering awesome.

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