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The Alloy of Law Release & Audiobook Giveaway!

Posted by Tynaal Consen on Nov 08 2011 04:00 AM under in Brandon Sanderson
What started as a book to clear his mind has become a greatly anticipated novel. As the continuation of Brandon Sanderson's widely popular Mistborn trilogy, his The Alloy of Law will hopefully prove to be just as good a read. For those of you who have awaited the 8th of November as the release date for The Alloy of Law, this is the moment when you can let out a squeal of joy and excitement, because the day has finally arrived.

Before you start reading, you may want to check out this awesome trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbG-EJdxZW4

Those of you who might be skeptical about the book or don't know much about it have come to the right place to get information. The first place you should look for information is Tor.com. Watch this space on Tor in the next week or two for a forthcoming review of the book and for buzz from fans. You can also read sample chapters of the book on Tor. Another reputable review of the book can be found here, and we will be adding more review links throughout the next couple of weeks as they are posted elsewhere.

If you have the book and would love to get it signed by the author himself, you can go check out Brandon Sanderson's book signing tour schedule. And if you're a fan looking for fellow enthusiasts, I suggest you have a look at 17th Shard and Stormblessed. They are both jam-packed with great people and fun happenings. Last, but definitely not least, Dragonmount has worked out a deal with Macmillan Audio, and we are going to provide three copies of this audiobook for give-away prizes. What do you need to do to win one of these, you may ask? Well, just post a comment to this article between November 8th and November 22nd, and you will have been entered into the random drawing! Sadly, it's US addresses only.

Happy Reading!
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Posted by Tynaal Consen on Nov 08 2011 04:00 AM under in Brandon Sanderson


And so my WoT reading schedule is once again interrupted by an irresistible summons from the Mistborn franchise... Who else won't be getting any sleep tonight?
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Another great job by Brandon!
One of the reviews wasn't exactly glowing. Think I'll wait till at least the 2nd book is out before picking it up.
Read the first six chapters which were released for free and loved what I saw so far. Definitely like "Wayne" as a character too. Will definitely pick it up when I get a chance.
This is awesome! I love the audiobooks for Sanderson's books. This would make a great addition to my library!
ZOMG, I have to admit winning the audiobook would be awesome, because otherwise I have to wait a while to purchase the book. Short on funds. :laugh:

But I cannot wait to read it!! I love Brandon. ^^
Download it from Audible (one of Dragonmount's sponsors - their link flashes in the banner above) for $8.00.
Awesome!!! I just started on the Mistborn audiobooks. :smile:
The first 3 Mistborne books were great! I'm glad the series will continue. I remember reading a while ago that Sanderson plans 9 books total for this series. 3 set in a past age, 3 in a near modern age, and 3 in a futuristic age. Fun concept if true :)
I read the prologue on TOR when they first posted it, and I like it so far. Can't wait to read the whole thing.

kemosabe19, this is a stand-alone novel so there won't be a second book.

gaijin, that was his plan before he wrote this book, according to his blog posts. This is a stand-alone book set between the first and second trilogy, I think, so I guess there will be 10 books now.
i hope this is as good as the other mistborns!
Love audiobooks, but I with they were drawing for ebooks. I'd like all my copies in the same format. :-(
I really like Brandon Sanderson's interaction with his fans. He really was an inspired choice. And man can that dude crank out some words!
I loved the other Mistborn audiobooks. I think Michael Kramer does great work for Sanderson and Jordan's various works. Hopefully he did The Alloy of Law too! Did you know Robert Jordan used to fall asleep listening to Michael Kramer's readings of his books?
Audiobook would be nice. I like to listen to them on my computer while I work.
I love Audiobooks. I drive alot so they are great. I loved all three mistborn books It would fun to listen to the sequel.
I cannot wait to read/listen to this new book!
I'm excited for another Mistborn book. I'm really hoping for a new Spook like character.
cool, maybe I'll get an early Christmas gift!
I would love to listen to this book.
I also just started reading Mistborn, so that's great that there is another book in the series.
And...time's up to be entered into the drawing. I've done the random drawing via the sequence generator at random.org (as comments 1-23), and the winners are:

Comment 7 = Mmeeshal
Comment 10 = Gaijin
Comment 15 = Philthy

Since I have been unable to reach gaijin through PM or e-mail (delivery failure notification), I will choose another winner to replace him. The next number in the random draw was:

Comment 11 = Tombstoneo

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