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2011 Hugo Nominations Announced

Posted by jenniferl on Apr 24 2011 08:00 PM under in Brandon Sanderson
Over the weekend, the 2011 Hugo nominations were announced. The Hugos are considered the highest honor in fantasy and science fiction writing and fandom. While Towers of Midnight wasn't nominated in the "Best Novel" category this year, there is a nomination of interest to Wheel of Time fans.

Brandon Sanderson's podcast, Writing Excuses, (with writers Dan Wells and Howard Tayler also hosting) was nominated for a Hugo in the "Best Related Work" category. This is the first time a podcast has been nominated in this category, and the second podcast to be recognized by the World Science Fiction Society in any category. Also of interest, Moshe Feder, Sanderson's editor for his solo novels, was nominated this year for "Best Editor-Long Form"

If you're interested in voting on the Hugos this year, you will need to be a registered member of this year's WorldCon held in Reno, Nevada Aug. 17-21. If you are unable to attend, WorldCon offers Supporting Memberships that allow you to vote without attending the convention. Wheel of Time fans Linda Taglieri and Jennifer Liang are confirmed Program Participants for the convention. Brandon Sanderson will also be attending, along with hundreds of other authors, editors and fans.
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Posted by jenniferl on Apr 24 2011 08:00 PM under in Brandon Sanderson


Hi Dragonmount! It is good to hear some news that is not always TWOT centered and yet my main reason for visiting dragonmount is because I enjoy hearing news about TWOT series and all the books in it! I know BS is a very busy person and that AMOL is slow going and it will probably be a year or more before we see it. I will definitely hope for the best and look forward to reading it when it is published. So please dragonmount share with us any TWOT news you have whether it has to do with TOM being published in paperback or an interview with BS about TWOT series (one that everybody can share in) tell us about it because we definitelty want to hear about it! Wishing everybody a great summertime and all the best!!

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