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Fandom Flair: Pokeball Plush

Posted by Mashiara Sedai on Sep 30 2016 04:00 AM under in Rotating Features

Welcome back to another edition of "Fandom Flair."  As promised, but a little late, here is a tutorial on how to make an incredibly easy Pokeball.

pokemon (1)

Materials needed:
Red fleece

White fleece

Black fleece or felt

Sewing machine

Thread and needle


Hot glue gun

This is a simple project because fleece is a great fabric to work with.  It's also possible to sew this completely by hand.  It would be more time consuming, but the fleece is thick, which makes it easy to stitch.  The whole project took about 30 minutes total.  In an afternoon, you could craft a whole poke-arsenal.

The Pokeball--as a ball--can be intimidating to tackle.  But it's actually quite effortless by using four triangles to construct a dome.  I started by cutting out four rounded triangles in each color (red and white).  I made them about 3 inches wide and 3 inches high.

pokemon (3)

Next, focusing on the white ball first, I sewed the triangles together, right side to right side, along one edge.  The color of the thread doesn't matter since all these seams will be concealed within the Pokeball.

pokemon (4)

Sew all four together in this fashion.

pokemon (5)

Then, sew the two edges to each other.

pokemon (6)

Repeat for the red half.

pokemon (7)

After that, put the white part inside the red--right side to right side--and stitch along the edge.  Leave an inch or two open.

pokemon (8)

Flip the ball inside out and stuff with stuffing.

pokemon (10)

Now, hand-stitch the rest of the opening close.  Again, thread color doesn't matter.  It will all be covered in the end.

pokemon (11)

With the black fleece or felt, cut a long rectangle, about an inch wide, and long enough to fit around the circumference of the ball. 

pokemon (12)

Use a hot glue gun (or other fabric glue) to fasten down one end of the rectangle along the middle of the ball.

pokemon (13)

Carefully glue the rest of the rectangle down and trim the edge to fit snugly.

pokemon (14)

Next, cut out a black circle and glue it down over the seam.

pokemon (15)

Finally, cut out a smaller white circle and glue it atop the black circle. 

pokemon (16)

And that's it!  You have a great, palm-sized Pokeball to do as you please!  I used mine to capture a couple of Pokemon around my house.

pokemon (17)

Next time, we'll take a look at a great Halloween costume idea.  Thanks for reading!

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Posted by Mashiara Sedai on Sep 30 2016 04:00 AM under in Rotating Features


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