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Fandom Flair: Aes Sedai Shoes

Posted by Mashiara Sedai on Mar 24 2017 03:00 AM under in Rotating Features

Welcome back to another edition of "Fandom Flair."  For this project, I wanted to try to decorate some shoes to be Aes Sedai (or White Tower) shoes.  This was pretty easy, just tedious.  I don't know about you, but I get bored by repetitive activities, and this got very repetitive.  But, it's a cheap way to show off some Aes Sedai love.

First, I bought a pair of white, canvas shoes.  I think I got them from Wal-Mart, and they were about $5.  

IMG 4747

Next, I bought a pack of Sharpie markers, making sure I had all the colors of the Ajahs (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Gray, White, and Brown).

IMG 4749

I started by measuring the front face of the shoe.  I took that measurement and divided it by seven, giving me a little section for each of the seven colors.

IMG 4748

Next, I continued adding that measurement to the sides of the shoes.

IMG 4750

When I got to the back, I had a big chunk left over.  My symmetrical-thinking mind wouldn't allow it to be less than perfect for the color scheme, so I decided to do the colors again, but aligned vertically.  Not sure this was the best option, but it was the only one I was capable of doing.

IMG 4751

Finally, I sketched a flame into the center to leave white.  Then, I outlined everything in black and colored in each space with the designated Ajah color.

As I said, super easy, but really boring.

I didn't have enough room to outline the back so the colors look very smeared.

IMG 4753

The front got a bit smeared, too.  But I'm still pleased with the outcome!

IMG 4756

IMG 4754

Next time, I want to show you some easy ways to casual cosplay as Wheel of Time characters.  Thanks for reading!

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Posted by Mashiara Sedai on Mar 24 2017 03:00 AM under in Rotating Features


Love those!

Accepted shoes! Cool.

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