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4th Age Podcast 112: Final predictions for AMOL

Posted by Jason on Jan 06 2013 11:15 PM under in 4th Age Podcast

With the release of A Memory of Light upon us, the podcasters take a moment to tie up some loose ends, and talk about their predictions for some of the minor characters.

Spoiler Warning
In this episode, the Podcasters talk about books 1-13, as well as the promotional chapters previously released for AMOL. If you haven't read all the pre-released bits of this last book, you may wish to hold off on listening to this until you have. Of course, at that point, you'll have probably read the book already, and can laugh when we get everything absolutely wrong.

In this episode, Andrew, Virginia and Spencer are joined by Richard.

Download the podcast here

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Posted by Jason on Jan 06 2013 11:15 PM under in 4th Age Podcast


YAY! we've been waiting for a long time!


i gotta say, youre making it very difficult to disagree with your predictions...

Thank you for your hard work on the podcasts.  I have listened to them since the beginning.  When I walk at lunch, I often listen to them.  Keep up the great work for as long as y'all want.

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