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Podcast: The 4th Age Podcast presents WoT You Should Know #3

Posted by jenniferl on Mar 31 2011 09:30 AM under in 4th Age Podcast

The 4th Age podcast presents a short news update, looking at and analyzing the popular 2011 Suvudu Cage Match between characters from various fantasy books, and Spencer reveals a heretofore hidden Talent! Andrew, Spencer and Virginia are your hosts for this episode. Check out Dragonmount.com for forums, comments and all the latest news in the Wheel of Time world.

Also, don’t forget JordanCon is coming soon! April 15-17 in Atlanta, GA – tickets and rooms rates are still available. Check out AgeofLegends.net for all the details!

ATTENTION! THERE MAY BE TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT SPOILERS! Also, spoilers on ALL the other books are VERY likely! Yes, there will be spoilers for ToM! If you haven’t read all the way through the Wheel of Time, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS of all previous books! In this podcast, probably spoilers of other series, too. Did we mention that there will be spoilers….?

Links to the current Cage Matches as of 3/30/2011. Vote now!

Quick Ben vs Perrin Aybara


Jon Snow vs Vin


Hosts: Andrew, Spencer, Virginia
Editor: Spencer

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Music by: Josh Needleman His website is at www.joshneedleman.net and he has the music available to hear on his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/joshneedleman. It’s title is Floodgate. Thanks, Josh!

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Posted by jenniferl on Mar 31 2011 09:30 AM under in 4th Age Podcast


Had to shut it off when Spencer promises to Spoil the Mistborn series ending... :wacko:
i think he was kidding
Has anyone listened to this podcast? Was he kidding? Or are you like me and don't want to chance it?
they just talked about the match as far as i remember, but i'll try to listen again this weekend and make sure for you. i tend to mentally gloss over things, sorry.
Hey all-

Don't take my word on it, but I think there was a tiny Mistborn spoiler. It may have been removed in editing, and I haven't gone back and listened to the show yet, so I can't say either way. If it was in there, it was sort of a significant one from Hero of Ages, fairly late in the book, so I'd not chance it unless you've read all three Mistborn books, or you don't care about spoilers. Additionally your third option is to wait 45 seconds to a minute and resume the show since, if I remember properly, we don't discuss that spoiler for very long (I think 45 seconds is probably very generous). More is one the way, including a summation of the semi-finals and a talk up of the finals and consolations match.

Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
Quick edit for my last post. The last line before the sign out should read "More is on the way, including a summation..."

Suravye ninto manshima taishite.
i'm sorry, Moriken. i listened again, and i don't know enough about mistborn to tell if it was spoiled, but i'm sure it's as Andrew Gelos says, and goes to the hypothetical pretty quickly.

i didn't mean to risk your spoilage, i just didn't listen carefully enough.
As much as I love all of your podcasts and all of the people on them I have a small criticism. :wub: In my opinion you really need to stop using all of the “fillers” when you speak. It really gets under my skin, and I'm sure many others, when I hear people constantly say, “You know,” “like,” and other general words like that to fill in time. :nynaeve: Calm down, think about what you want to say first and then say it. I can almost guarantee that you'll have people thinking that you're eloquent in no time. :biggrin:
The editors should be able to take most of the fillers out. It just takes much more time and since it looks like Spencer himself edited this show, he probably didn't have time to go through it with as fine a toothed comb as other editors would have. That being said, it's still good advise to the podcasters from necrosage2005.

BTW, I just finished the 3rd Mistborn book so I can safely listen to this podcast.

Thanks to everyone who responded to me. :biggrin:
Any more Towers of Midnight themed shows coming soon?

Thanks guys! :biggrin:
I dunno necrosage2005, I sort of like all the fillers. Makes it sound natural. I've listened to podcasts about other books and they always feel contrived. The great thing about the 4th Age is that even though the guys are miles away from each other, it seems as though they are all sitting around a table just chatting away about WoT. Plus it flows better without all the editing.
i feel much the same, Terror. it's like listening to a fireside chat. it feels like home. i don't want it sanitized beyond recognition, these guys are real people, not talking heads.
Has the podcast been replaced by the video news? :ohmy:
No, we've just hit a snag in production. We're still working on the podcast.
How come there are more shows available at the link:

than there are at the page linked to from Dragonmount's home page:

and some of the shows on the first link haven't been featured on Dragonmount's main page? :blink:

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