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Podcast: #107 – The 4th Age Podcast – Letters from Verin Sedai

Posted by Tialin on Oct 26 2011 01:00 PM under in 4th Age Podcast

This is the 107th episode of The 4th Age Podcast, in which we discuss the mysterious batch of red-sealed letters Verin Sedai handed out. Your hosts for this episode are Virginia, Daniel, and Spencer.

(This episode, like most of our talks, is chock full of spoilers if you haven’t read Towers of Midnight yet!) Warning: SPOILER ALERT!

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ATTENTION! THERE ARE TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT SPOILERS in this podcast! Also, spoilers on ALL the other books are VERY likely! If you haven’t read all the way through the Wheel of Time, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS of all previous books! There may be spoilers of other book series, tv series, and movies as well, too, or anything ELSE we can think of in the known and unknown universe…. We will try to give warning. We can make no guarantees, however.

Hosts: Virginia, Daniel, and Spencer.

Editor for this episode: Ken S.
Editor-in-Chief: Spencer

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A HUGE thanks to all our editors, past and present, from all of us here! We couldn’t make this happen without your help and technical expertise. We are usually in need of editing help – please, contact Spencer at podcast@dragonmount.com if you are interested in volunteering.
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Posted by Tialin on Oct 26 2011 01:00 PM under in 4th Age Podcast


Testy al'Carr
Oct 27 2011 06:57 AM
i think the letter rand got was about mattin stepaneos being in the white tower. how else did he learn about it?
i agree testy... but, was that it? and why would verin see mattin as so important as to tell the dragon about him? wouldnt that be something for someone with less demands on them unless there was a bigger picture was involved?
Rand's letter was about Mattin yes but also informing him about Weiramon being a dark friend.

I'm interested in knowing what Verin placed in the letter she sent to Galad.
mmm i disagree that it had anything to do with weiramon... when rand searched all their eyes, he said "so it is you"... like he didnt already know... like he expected it, but didnt know for sure... i doubt verin said anything to rand about him...

rand only knew because weiramon couldnt look him in the eyes...

i would say mattin(but then why is he so important at this stage?)
or, about how she (probably) compelled alana (to bond him)
or, about how she thinks the last battle will be fought...

but thats just speculation...
I have no idea. but i can't wait to find out!!

Did Verin ever go into the Stone doorway in Tear? maybe she asked them what info was vital the Dragon knew in order to win. they said something like, "Go Tell Galad where the horn is and as he makes his way to the White Tower so the Light can join the Serpant, he can find the horn and return it to Mat, because, afterall, he's not THAT far away." or some such.

the only reason i say this, is because Galad has a connection with all the MAJOR MAIN charaters besides Mat, and it seems to me that connection needs to be made.

He's connected to Nynaeve, he helped her excape. He's connected to Rand, blood. He's connected to Perrin, the wolf trial thing. He's connected to Egween, through Nynaeve and Gawayn. All that's left is Mat. Unless i've forgotten something or Mat beating the BaJesus out of him and Gawayn in DR.
@catdancer, we dont know of verin going to the finn, tho that doesnt mean she didnt...

and its possible, but i kind of doubt it... mat already told some aes sedai that "the white tower has something of mine, and im going to come get it", plus his return to the white tower is kind of a full circle thing from when he ran away from it in DR :)

and yea, that scene of mat sparring with galad and gawyn always makes me laugh :) definatly one of my favorites

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