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Podcast: #106 – The 4th Age Podcast – Tam al’Thor

Posted by Tialin on Oct 22 2011 05:25 PM under in 4th Age Podcast

In this, the 106th episode of The 4th Age Podcast, we will be discussing Tam al’Thor, the remarkable father figure to Rand, the Dragon Reborn. Your hosts for this episode are Andrew, Virginia, Spencer, Carrie, and Marc.

(This episode, like most of our talks, is chock full of spoilers if you haven’t read Towers of Midnight yet!) Warning: SPOILER ALERT!

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ATTENTION! THERE ARE TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT SPOILERS in this podcast! Also, spoilers on ALL the other books are VERY likely! If you haven’t read all the way through the Wheel of Time, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS of all previous books! There also may be spoilers of other book series, tv series, and movies as well, too, or anything ELSE we can think of in the known and unknown universe…. We will try to give warning. We can give no guarantees, however.

Hosts: Andrew, Virginia, Spencer, Carrie, and Marc

Editor for this episode: Ken S.
Editor-in-Chief: Spencer

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A HUGE thanks to all our editors, past and present, from all of us here! We couldn’t make this happen without your help and technical expertise. We are usually in need of editing help – please, contact Spencer at podcast@dragonmount.com if you are interested in volunteering.
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Posted by Tialin on Oct 22 2011 05:25 PM under in 4th Age Podcast


Yay, The 4th Age is back again! Never leave us! :biggrin:
w00t!! Thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work! ^_^
I think the part Carie was trying to think of was spoken by one of the forsaken. I can't find it either, but it was something like, "your father and mother were lambs led to the slaughter after they served their perpose." or something like that.
@ Catdancer.

I haven't had time yet to listen to the podcast, but in EOTW, Chapter 14, The Stag and Lion, Ba'alzamon tells Rand the following on Page 171 (hardcover edition): "Your father was chosen by the White Tower, like a stallion roped and led to his business. Your mother was no more than a brood mare to their plans. And those plans lead to your death."

If I remember correctly, this was the first dream Rand had of the strange room with the fireplace where he talked to Ba'alzamon for the first time, and Rand had to ask Ba'alzamon what he wanted and who he was, since he hadn't met Ba'alzamon yet in his dreams, although he had dreamed about trollocs and myrdraal, and the White Tower before this.

If I can think of any other quotes similar to this in the other books, I'll let you know.

I'll definitely listen to the podcast when I'm not so tired.

Larry Carrigan
@Ashaman45, Thanks that is the quote i was thinking of.
@Catdancer, You're welcome.

It's an odd thought, but from the exchange between Perrin and Tam in Knife of Dreams, it seems Tam doesn't have any clue that Rand is the Dragon Reborn until Taim goes to the Two Rivers to collect men who can channel.

P. 694 Paperback version

"Taim said Rand sent him. He said Rand is the Dragon Reborn." There was a touch of questioning in that, perhaps a hope for denial, perhaps a demand to know why Perrin had kept silent. ...
"Nothing to be done about it now, Tam." ...
Sadness entered Tam's scent, though he let nothing show on his face.

This sounds as if Tam had not even suspected that Rand would have been the Dragon, which seems odd. As said in the podcast, Tam is obviously a traveled and semi-cultured man. Finding a baby on the slopes of Dragonmount should have been a clear sign to him. I wonder why it wasn't.


Tam knows the stories of LTT, he raised Rand. In personalities young Rand is nothing like the insane kinslayer of the stories. He probably knew the proficy, but a part of him might not have been able to believe it. The PotD states the Dragon will be born on the dragonmount, but it doesn't say the dragon will be the ONLY one born on the dragonmount. Perhaps there was a lingering flicker of hope that his son Rand was not Kinslayer.

but you're right. it does make a person think.

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