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Podcast: #104 – The 4th Age Podcast – Nakomi and Other Oddities

Posted by Tialin on Aug 24 2011 01:55 PM under in 4th Age Podcast

Nakomi, the mysterious Aiel woman Aviendha met in the Waste on her way to Rhuidean, and other oddities found is our topic for the 104th Episode of The 4th Age Podcast. Your hosts for this episode are Andrew, Virginia, Spencer, and Carrie.

(This episode, like most of our talks, is chock full of spoilers if you haven’t read Towers of Midnight yet!) Warning: SPOILER ALERT!

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ATTENTION! THERE ARE TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT SPOILERS in this podcast! Also, spoilers on ALL the other books are VERY likely! If you haven’t read all the way through the Wheel of Time, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS of all previous books! There may be spoilers of other book series, tv series, and movies as well, too, or anything ELSE we can think of in the known and unknown universe…. We will try to give warning. There will be no guarantees, however.

Hosts: Andrew, Virginia, Spencer, and Carrie

Editor for this episode: Ken S.
Editor-in-Chief: Spencer

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Posted by Tialin on Aug 24 2011 01:55 PM under in 4th Age Podcast


i have to agree with the idea of nakomi being like a spiritual guide... she has all of the similarities...

- she came when aviendha was on her "journey in the wilderness"...
- she asked aviendha for aid(warmth(fire), food), and when given freely given, she increased what aviendha gave(greater fire, more food)
- she came as she left... without a trace, when nobody was looking...
- aside from the gifts, she only gave wisdom, to make aviendha think in a different way... and in the one thing that aviendha needed...

i see this as the creators hand... not directly involving itself, but acting so others wouldnt know... :)


and the dark one and the creator seem polar opposites to me :) black-white, down-up, chaos-order, hatred-love...........
Maybe she's one of the Aes Sedai who created the Ter'angreal in the first place. Maybe she shows up to every Aes Sedai in wait for the 'chosen one' who can communicate with her creation. Maybe she shows up for every potential Wise One to make sure they're following the rules and are ready for the transition. Maybe that's why the potential Wise One travels there by foot (other than to show that they're not wimps.) Like the Oracle in The Matrix movies, what Nakomi tells someone is for that woman's ears only.

The Ter'angreal reminded me of that big donut shaped machine in the classic Star Trek episode "The City On the Edge of Forever". That machine also showed time in an accelerated rate and was somewhat sentient.
"Maybe she shows up to every Aes Sedai" I meant every potential Wise One. :rolleyes:
i doubt that moriken, aviendha could channel, and would have felt if the woman had used the power to cook the food faster, open a gateway in/out, increase the fire size, etc...

and we've never seen anything like mindreading(i dont think), so i dont see how she would know what aviendha(or any other wise one) would need to hear... this woman is unlike anything else we've yet seen.
She wasn't an actual person, she was a vision, giving Aviendha a vision - maybe like a dream vision connected with the Dream World. I'm thinking she wasn't really there. Aviendha could have been projecting her own subconscious and giving herself advice through the help of the spirit guide/"Rhuidian ghost". We'll have to see if Aviendha tells the other Wise Ones about her experience and see if they know what she's talking about.
can a "fake" vision/ghost create real food? i dont think thats in the nature of this series... no, i think she was really there...
If the pattern is deteriorating so much so that the dead walk, maybe the line between "Reality" and the dream world is blurring? if that is so, perhaps she was a hero of the horn or something, and when she made more, she simply imagined more, and because it was a merging of the two worlds, the "more" appeared and was real, because it was in the real world. When she left the blurring stopped and the two worlds were as they were suppose to be. Making the plate and her vanish.

Doesn't Moiraine create a coin in New Spring when she is practising for the AS test?

and after Rand slept with Elayne there was a golden lilly on the pillow. I always thought he had made that, either from "nothing" or transformed something.
Where can I find the podcasts for the following episodes; 32-33, 53, 59, 61-64, 68-71 and 80-82, I have been able to find all the other ones.
Thank you in advance.
the coin that moiraine made was of air/water... not a physical coin :)

and its possible that she was from TAR that bled through as rand had made his choice at dragonmount... but i still dont buy it :) she seems like a turning point in the future... most turnings are slow in nature, but this seems more abrupt and intentional...
A "fake" vision/ghost can create fake food. Aviendha's mind was telling her the vision was real and that the food was real. She felt full because she was expecting to. Who knows, the Wise ones may purposefully set up the right conditions for the student to have these special hallucinations or Visions. "Special ingredients" in the food or water they give the aspiring Wise One for her journey wouldn't be unprecedented.

This explanation seems to me to be more in line with the source material that Robert Jordan apparently drew from in creating the Aiel culture and customs. IDK. We'll have to RAFO
Or maybe "special" water and lack of food. :myrddraal:
I totally agree with Catdancer I think it was one of the hereos of the horn maybe the one who ushers in the new age
ill admit that it may be a hero of the horn(which kinda is a hand of the creator if you think about it) that is bleeding into the real world while rand was having his epiphany on dragonmout(timelines are confusing, so it may've crossed)... rand was powerful enough to reflect his real image into TAR, so its possible he was weakening the boundaries between the worlds, or they were just closer in the age lace...

and verin died before rands epiphany, so its "possible" that it was her... might explain the coals, food, the unending backpack, how she appeared/left without a trace, and her knowledge of the aiel :)

but that theory is based on several assumptions(timeline is a big one)
another big assumption there, is that verin joined the ranks of the hero's... i couldnt see her being a hero before, i would assume the dark one would know who they are, and thus, why recruit from that lot...
It's still a possibility that nakomi could channel though. I haven't noticed anyone mention the idea of inverting weaves and masking your person touching the true source. Like what elayne does to attempt and scare the prisoners of the black ajah

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