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Gleeman's Tales: Snooze Therin (Part 1)

Posted by minnielikes on Feb 11 2015 04:00 AM under in Humor Blog

Today's humor comes from a thread started by failemyfalcon that grew into something beautiful. It all started with:

Lews Therin oversleeps
Snooze Therin

And from that, folks started adding their own puns on Lews Therin's name. This month will be devoted to name puns for characters throughout the series. Today is just for Lews Therin...next time there will be much more!

Lews Therin drinks at a party
Booze Therin

Lews Therin in a French courtroom
J’accuse Therin

Lews Therin gets mildly injured
Bruise Therin

Lews Therin grows antlers
Moose Therin

Lews Therin gettin jiggy wit it
Loose Therin

Lews Therin sheds a tear while passionately playing the saxophone
Blues Therin

Lews Therin gets a job as a journalist
News Therin

Lews Therin tricks the forsaken and imprisons them.
Ruse Therin

Lews Therin makes an ice house
Igloos Therin

Lews Therin realizes his name can be turned into a myriad of puns and it drives him insane.
Therin lies the problem.

(And then there's all of these that user eytancragg came up with)

That's all for this week! Tune in next time for more character name puns! The Light illumine you all.

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Posted by minnielikes on Feb 11 2015 04:00 AM under in Humor Blog


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