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Gleeman's Tales: Karaoke Night

Posted by minnielikes on Aug 20 2014 03:00 AM under in Humor Blog

This week I give you a modern alternate universe in which a few main characters go out for a night of singing, drinking, and merriment. In other words: karaoke night.


modern au where they have a drunk karaoke night

Elayne would probably sing Total Eclipse of the Heart or something like that, get WAY too into it, and start dramatically singing it to random people
Nynaeve is only there as designated driver and growls whenever they try to get her to sing
Once Mat is really drunk, he goes on stage and sings Celine Dion, and there isn’t a single dry eye in the place. He either doesn’t remember it the next day, or pretends like he doesn’t

minnielikes (yup, that's me!)

*tenderly* ♪Near…Far….WhereEVER you are♪

♪I…be-lieve….that the heart does….go ooooooooon♪
*shot of bar patrons, all of them are dabbing at their eyes as inconspicuously as possible*


Egwene is there too, but she’s sitting shyly in the corner until she’s had a few, and then Elayne tries to push her up to the mic. Eggy is all “no no no i can’t sing” but then she’s up there, holding the mic, and the music is playing. So she starts off quietly…

"just a small town girl…….. livin in a loney world….. she took the midnight train goin aaaaaannyyyyy wheeeeeeeeeeere…."
And of course, she starts getting really into it and by the end..


Halfway through the night Moiraine shows up and sits down with them. She silently watches for a few songs before announcing that she is going to “try it.” She goes and requests a song, and nobody knows how to react to the idea of Moiraine doing Karaoke

She calmly goes on stage, takes to mic and nobody in the room is quite sure what to make of her. Then the music starts, and she begins to sing.
"Baby, can’t you see.. I’m calling.. A guy like you should wear a warning …. It’s dangerous… I’m fallin"
Everyone watches in shock as Moiraine sings a perfect rendition of Toxic

Which led to this incredible sketch by karaburrito (aka failemyfalcon):


*points at Siuan*

Sounds like a wild night!

I want to party with Moiraine...

That's it for this week. The Light illumine you!

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Posted by minnielikes on Aug 20 2014 03:00 AM under in Humor Blog





top notch!

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