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Fan Art Friday: Yellow Ajah

Posted by Hallia on Jul 22 2016 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday

This week's Fan Art Friday is being taken over by the ever useful and (on Dragonmount) chipper Yellow Ajah!  This was also a very fun week to work on because of the varied mediums found over the course of my research.  

To begin, I would like to start with something I myself would love to have!  It summarizes the Yellow Ajah quite well, I think.


Yellow Ajah iPhone 5c Case (made from this source) ~ minniearts

The next piece is quite lovely; I especially love the bright use of colors in this drawing.  It makes me wonder if those flowers have a medicinal use!


Yellow Ajah ~ Asrath

And of course we couldn't be talking about the Yellow Ajah without a shout out to the most prominent member: Nynaeve!  The look on her face in this drawing captures the perfect deadpan look that Nynaeve is so often striving for.  She appears thoroughly not amused and done with all foolishness.


Nynaeve al'Meara ~ fee-absinthe

Of course one cannot be of the Yellow Ajah without the accompanying shawl!  This exquisite piece looks quite cozy and warm!


Yellow Ajah Shawl - Wheel of Time ~ Elarielle

The final work is an outfit that a modern day Yellow Sister might find herself wearing on a day out at the beach!


Yellow Ajah - Beach Bunny ~ inspiredbywot

Keep an eye out next month for a late summer edition of Fan Art Friday!

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Posted by Hallia on Jul 22 2016 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday


That shawl is actually pretty cool. I like art (a lot) but I also like to see when people make actual stuff like the shawl or that iPhone case. Thanks for posting Hallia!

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