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Fan Art Friday: That's All, Folks!

Posted by peregrine on Nov 23 2012 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday
Hey, guys! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this will be my final Fan Art Friday blog post. I've loved sharing all my favorite Wheel of Time art with you, plus I'm going to miss all the perks of being Dragonmount staff. (No, they didn't let me read an advance copy of A Memory of Light, but they did let me interview a personal hero...but more on this later. You haven't quite seen the end of me yet.) Most importantly, I had the honor of getting to know our incomparable Front Page Admin, Dwyn, and all our other awesome front page bloggers.

The engineer in me couldn't resist doing a bit of statistical analysis before waving goodbye, so I'm afraid we'll be ending on a very mathematical note.

It's been a good run, with a total of 30 posts, 191 featured artworks, and 241 comments. Interestingly, there is no correlation between the number of works featured in a given week and the number of comments received (correlation coefficient = 0.056). The average number of works featured has been increasing with time (see trendline in figure below) such that, if I were to keep posting, I could expect to be featuring 26 posts per week by week 100 (though the R2 value is only 0.34, so I would not call time a strong predictor...). In case you missed it, this was my most popular post.

Here's a figure mapping comments and works featured over time. As a point of curiosity, the lull in July coincides with Tynaal leaving her post as Rotating Features Blogger and Mashi, Ire, and EP coming on board to fill the void. I guess we're better together!

Posted Image

Now that we're beyond that little bit of silliness, I wanted to wrap up with a shout-out to the Wheel of Time group on deviantART and its awesome founder ~Gorgaidon. If you're craving more Wheel of Time fan art, her group is THE place to go.

And, of course, it wouldn't be Fan Art Friday without some fan art. Here are a whole bunch of artworks that I've collected over the years which, in spite of being awesome, never found their way into a previous post.

The Raven Lord by ~ToranekoStudios

Posted Image

Rhuidean by ~mandersen

Posted Image

Andoran Pride by *fee-absinthe

Posted Image

Birgitte Trahelion by ~livska

Posted Image

Siuan Sanche by ~str4yk1tt3n

Posted Image

Perrin, Rand, and Mat by ~minniearts

Posted Image

Rand and Perrin by *hamdiggy

Posted Image

Balefire by ~Seeshi-suin

Posted Image

Rand al'Thor by ~hevial

Posted Image

WoT: Elayne Trakand by ~Manweri

Posted Image

Escape the Dancing Cartman by ~Forbis

Posted Image

WoT--Rand and Matrim by ~aiconx
(Hey, it's my last week, I'll feature what I want! And what I want is some more Rand/Mat...)

Posted Image

Wheel of Time by ~nattfrost

Posted Image

And that's all, folks! See you around the forums!
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Posted by peregrine on Nov 23 2012 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday


will miss this post..
Yep, I will definitely miss these FAF. This post drew me here every week and I really enjoyed going through it each and every time. Thank you for the images you gave me to rely on while reading. Your work has really been appreciated!

P.S.: Really like the Siuan Sanche on Bela one... Fish guts!
Ooooh, I really want to buy that last one as a sticker! :D
I will miss this always.
Thank you so much peregrine! If you could let me know (PM?) if you finish any other WoT piece, I'd really like to see the work you do.
Your posts will be sorely missed, peregrine. Always been a joy to read them to see the fantastic artwork you brought to light and even made. ^_^
Thanks, everyone!

gwenifer, I'll PM you :P If you get a deviantART account you can "watch" me, and it will send you an alert whenever I post a new painting. I don't know if you want another site to keep an eye on, just thought I'd mention!
Thank you!!!! I've just started exploring fan art.
I'll really miss working with you, Peregrine. It's too bad graduate school is taking you away from me.

Everyone, I'll start looking for a new Fan Art Friday blogger after the signing reports from the AMOL release are all done. We'll be putting the regular front page features on hiatus while we cover the signings.
Awww, this was one of my favourite columns!
Thanks for all the work you have done in presenting the gems you've found (and for the flashback to statistics class) I've thoroughly enjoyed every post in your Fan Art Fridays, and I will miss it as well.
You've done a GREAT job and I'll really miss your posts. Good selection of art here to end it on a bang. Several of them are personal favorites but a number of them were new to me too (now I have to go find that "Escape the Dancing Cartman" piece by ~Forbis, since I just reread that chapter).

"The Wheel turns...." This isn't THE end, but it is an end.
I've been coming back to Dragonmount weekly just to see the art. You will definitely be missed, especially by me.

Thank you for taking the time to share everything.

I sure hope some one takes up this post, it was by far my favorite!

Love Siuan! Hilarious as!!! Hahahaha!

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