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Fan Art Friday: Seamas Gallagher

Posted by jenniferl on Jan 27 2011 09:00 PM under in Fan Art Friday
This week, rather than focusing on a character, I thought we could look at an artist. If I had to guess, I think I'd say that Seamas Gallagher is one of the most popular Wheel of Time fan artists right now. He has a very distinctive style that's been seen in many places, from this website, to official licensed prints, to comic book covers.

Posted Image

I think part of what makes Seamus so popular is his distinctive style. Rather than the realistic style you see in most Wheel of Time fan art, it's much more stylized. The characters are instantly recognizable by trademark clothing, or expressions.

Posted Image

I think he does a great job of capturing the essential of a character.

Posted Image

According to his website, Seamas is a professional illustrator who has done concept art for video games, like Bioshock 2 and Tomb Raider: Underworld. And as I mentioned before, his artwork graces the covers of the The Eye of the World comic book adaption.

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I'm starting to run out of things to say that don't make it sound like I'm slobbering on the dude. So I'll just pick out one more and send you to his website.

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Seamas's website

Seamus's Wheel of Time art
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Posted by jenniferl on Jan 27 2011 09:00 PM under in Fan Art Friday


Love this! Thanks again for these Fan Art Friday's. Always a treat.
Wonderful! I hadn't seen the portrait of Bryn before, now I can show my doubting friends a better picture then the dubious one in the BWBwBA.
As jemron said; really nice! This picture ofLan is very nice too.
I nearly SWALLOWED MY TONGUE when I came across this post on Seamas Gallagher's blog. It's a beyond awesome character representation galore.

Bryne kinda looks like Bruce Campbell in that portrait anyone agree?

Anyways awesome portraits, you should have shown the Matrim one too. My favorite =P
Fan Art Friday is good and Seamas is one of, if not the, best.
thank you
Logain looks cool XD!!(random i know but ~ you know~)
that's the best picture of sirius black ever. i never realized how much he and logain looked alike, but it feels right.
I love this are work! I think my head can picture this kind of art when I am reading better then, say, real people!
Simply fantastic.

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