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Fan Art Friday: Japanese Covers

Posted by jenniferl on Mar 17 2011 08:00 PM under in Fan Art Friday
This week Fan Art Friday we're going to deviate a little bit from strictly fan art and show off some pieces from the Japanese translations of The Wheel of Time. We are, of course, very saddened by the recent earthquake in Sendai and tsunami that affected the Pacific Rim. We hope that any Japanese fans out there reading this are safe and know where their loved ones are.

For those who aren't aware, the entire series has been translated into Japanese and published with new covers and interior art by Toshiaki Katou. As is common with translated books, each one has been split into several smaller volumes. The Japanese editions average between four to five volumes per book. The official website for the Japanese editions is hosted by Japan Contents.

Eye of the World 2

This is from the second volume of The Eye of the World. It's Moiraine and Lan, looking spooky and foreboding. I'm sorry that we don't have a better resolution scan of this. The detail on these pieces is incredible.

The Dragon Reborn 2

This is from the second part of The Dragon Reborn. Nynaeve is pretty easy to pick out with her braid, but did you notice that Elayne is rising out of a lily? And her personal sigil is a golden lily? Like I said, attention to detail. I don't know what those feathers around Egwene are supposed to be though.

A Crown of Swords 7

Rand, from towards the end of A Crown of Swords. If I was a guy, I'd totally use this as my forum avatar. FEAR ME!

A Crown of Swords 5

And finally, Moghedian, the Spider. Chilling, huh? Too bad she's such a wussy Forsaken.

To see more Japanese covers check out our recently upgraded Art Gallery. And if you'd like to donate money to help fund relief efforts in Japan or the Pacific, the White Tower Social Group has helpfully collected some links.

The UK red Cross

Or you can donate via text message:
America - text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
Canada - text ASIA to 30333 to donate $5
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Posted by jenniferl on Mar 17 2011 08:00 PM under in Fan Art Friday


With all due respect to the incredible masters doing the eBook cover art (for which I'm a consultant), the Japanese book covers are, hands down, my favorite Wheel of Time covers. The attention to detail is amazing, and the essence of each character is perfectly portrayed. I could just look at these for hours.
I really like the foucus on the characters.
I think the art on these covers is amazing. Just gorgeous.
I really like these covers.
Love these covers!!! Just an idea, but I bet if they were made into poster form and sold they would make a killing. Maybe a portion of the proceeds could also go to the Red Cross...?
Nice pictures. The ACoS one of Rand is clearly inspired by this picture.
Looked through the gallery of Japanese covers, the later books really do seem to fit quite well...a lot of standing or sitting around and doing nothing.
I love these! If I had seen these while I was in Japan I would have bought them :O
Absolutely love the detail and intricacy of these covers! Gorgeous artwork to match the incredible story.
Love this, it gives a glimpse I've never had of the Japanese WoT! Keep the fan art flowing!
I would personally love to see this series done as an Anime. If you don't believe that Anime can be both epic and fantastic, you probably haven't been watching good anime.
I've always treasured the Japanese covers - my absolute favorite is this beautiful one of Egwene sleeping. (it's hard to link to the exact picture, but it's number two).

I also love these in (no particular order)
- I've always assumed this was Siuan (No. 7), although it could be Alviarin.
- this dazzling Lanfear (No. 2)
- Egwene and Elayne meeting Min (No. 3)
- Another spectacular Lanfear (No. 1)
- A glorious Morgase on her throne wearing a beautiful gown/kimonos thingy (No. 3) - the hair is a tad '60s Mod, but it's just so lovely.
- an awesome Birgitte with braid and bow (No. 5)
- Nynaeve in disguise as red-haired Nana on the receiving of Valan Luca's attentions. (No. 7)
- a sad valedictory for Moiraine(this corresponds to the portion of the book where she "dies") (No. 8)
- Morgase all tarted up for Gaebril (No. 2)
- Alanna bonding Rand(wearing a lather bustier, it seems :) (No. 3)
- a beautiful Egwene in Aielwoman clothing (No. 5)
- a magnificent Cadsuane that doesn't make her hair-thingy look atrocious. (No. 4)
- an imposing duo: Elaida and Alviarin in striking gowns(No. 6) - this one always rather reminded me of this one of the same two characters by Rich Boye
also! The artist used to have a seperate tripod site that had some gorgeous black & white illustrations, but sadly, it seems to have gone kaput.
Yes! This is exactly what I have been telling my small circle whenever we talk about the upcoming movie. If the budget would be too small for quality studio props, make it an Anime and all is solved. Make the movie as well to be sure, but a side production of an Anime would be epic...
Not a huge fan of most of these, but I do like the third image - definitely a tribute to art of Napoleon as Emperor of France:
Posted Image
Image did not seem to go through, linking here:
Napoleon as Emperor
Sorry, didn't notice jdskog beat me to it. It is a good one though.
I like these covers much more than the US ones.

I thought Nynaeve's never ending braid was a nice touch; as I feel it is her most prominent physical feature - well, in my mind anyway.

Also, that cover reminds me of drawings a childhood friend loved to do; she did like women with long necks, Rebecca did. ;-)

@Paul Chauvet, nice catch (and thanks for the link) of the homage to l'Empereur.

And I am in agreement with jenniferl that Rand as emperor would make a good avatar...

Thanks for posting this.

Wow! These are so cool. I would love to have a book of these covers.

The blue "feathers" around Egwene are flower petals. Most likely an iris. Each character is coming out of a flower. Nynaeve is coming out of a cala lily.

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