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Fan Art Friday: Body Art

Posted by jenniferl on Jul 22 2011 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday
Secret confession time: If I ever got a tattoo, it would be the Flame of Tar Valon. I've seen lots of great Wheel of Time body art over the years. It's surprisingly popular. We had a henna artist at JordanCon this year and she spent all weekend painting chapter icons on anyone that would hold still long enough. Hopefully we'll have her back next year and even more people will get to sport some awesome body art.

Most of these are from the "Wheel of Time Tattoo" thread on our forums.

Posted Image

Lord Zupka posted this awesome colored version of the Snake and Wheel logo that a friend did. I love the detail and the shading on this one. The artist did a great job.

Posted Image

NicholasFallon has the Dragon on his calf. He says he decided to get a Wheel of Time themed tattoo after hearing about Robert Jordan's death in 2007. If you go to the thread, you can see pictures of his other one.

Posted Image

Our very own Wheel of Time Admin, Luckers has these on his wrists. He uses them to get free drinks from fanboys.

Posted Image

Norienne really, really likes the Aiel.

In other news, it was announced earlier this week that Micheal Whelan will be doing the "cover" art for the eBook edition of A Memory of Light. Longtime series artist Darryl K. Sweet will still do the cover for the US hardback and paperback editions.
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Posted by jenniferl on Jul 22 2011 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday


someone should get the rand's dragon tattoos curling around their forearms. that would be cool.
@Blackhoof, that would really be awesome or if someone had an Avendosora leaf...that would be so cool! Such dedication by WoT fans is unparalleled in any literary series/novel, in my biased view.
First one I ever saw was the Dragon chapter icon. This was on a bus in southern Sweden during the summer of 98.
I think the chapter icons make some of the best out there. Thoughts?
A picture of my tattoo I got last summer. It is pretty fresh at the time of this photo. All friends suggest I should add dice to it, but I haven't figured out how to do so and make it look good.

When I saw the title on the home page I was like "Oh snap I better be in this!" :P just kidding I love all these tattoos. Ive got the wheel and snake on my right calf. Really cool idea for fan art friday! :)
Blackhoof asked for the dragons; I got one this year and I think I'll get another one as well.. :-) Hope the link works, I posted it on the WoT facebook group. https://www.facebook...85008088&type=1

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