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Fan Art Friday: Aiel

Posted by Hallia on Sep 23 2016 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday

Greetings all!  Hallia here once again for another rendition of Fan Art Friday!  This month is on a topic dear to me as a desert dweller.  We will be taking a peek at a few very talented concepts of the Aiel!

Our first begins with one of the most popular members of the Aiel - Aviendha!  I absolutely adore the shading used by this talented artist.


Heartlines ~ unefleur

The artist in this next piece puts so much action into his art!  They were able to perfectly capture a moment in time and translate it into this work!


Mat vs Couladin ~ hamdiggy

What I like most about this next drawing is the way they were able to capture the differences and similarities between two of the paths Aiel women can take in life: the Wise One and the Maiden of the Spear.  Their clothing styles may be dissimilar, but the confidence they exude certainly isn't.


Aiel Women ~ nazg


When one thinks about the Aiel, it isn't just who they are, but where they live that comes to mind.  This take on the Waste is unique; I especially love the coloring of the sky!


Sunset in the Aiel Waste ~ strangledbyart

The final piece for the week is a rendition of the ever deadly Maiden of the Spear.  The coloring in the eyes is stark and lovely contrast to the darkness of the rest of the work.


Maiden of the Spear ~ Etherick

That's all for this week; I hope you all enjoyed! See you next time!

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Posted by Hallia on Sep 23 2016 04:00 AM under in Fan Art Friday


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