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Official Wheel of Time art prints now available

Posted by Jason on Dec 07 2010 09:30 AM under in Community & Events
Seamas Gallagher, a well--known Wheel of Time artist whose work can be seen on our main banner above-- has been given an official license to produce and sell high-quality WoT art prints.

The first batch is now available.

View more os Seamas's art at www.seamasgallagher.com
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Posted by Jason on Dec 07 2010 09:30 AM under in Community & Events


Now I don't have to paint my walls! :D
Really? They look like they belong on a kids show. Do not do the characters justice at all. Quite disappointed with this. The only one I can bare the look of is Nynaeve, and to a lesser extent Lan
They are good but I really wish that Ted Nasmith would do some Wheel of Time. He does awesome Lord of the Rings paintings.
They are interpretations of the characters, no one said anyone has to buy them, if they don't appeal to a person's artistic pallet, there's lots of pens, paper, and paints out there, and all the freedom in the world to try and do better.
I like his orginal Elayne better, but his new Rand is awesome! Seamus is the best Wheel of Time artist out there.
I recognize the talent, but I don't dig the style. Kind of disappointing.. I'd like to see a WoT license given to Boris Vallejo or his wife Julie Bell... When it comes to 'official' art for franchises I'm passionate about, ultra realistic fantasy is what I would prefer.
here is a link to his blog with the rest of his wheel of time stuff

http://seamassketche...l/wheel of time
I really do enjoy looking at some of his work, my favorite person in WoT would be Matrim Cauthon but I can't see my self spending money on the current image of him in this release.

If there was a picture of him Commanding his men in a war like situation or standing over a map pointing at it with lan watching him then I would probably go nuts, I guess I'm more for significance of the situation. The blowing of the Horn of Valere anyone?
Hey look its MAT!! wow the real Mat! kinda chubby no? hes a little mishapened and has a red nose....no one like a red nose! :blink:
Personally I think this artists prints of the Forsaken are amazing. Visually they all look how I picture them from the series. I also like this guys work: http://solitarium.de.../gallery/808312
I find these prints to be wonderful. Seamus's art style (while more... cartoony?) in relation to Wheel of Time stuff, has always been spot on the money to me about how I picture things in the books.

I want these... I want these bad.
At first i saw the cartoonish style and was like "meh" but then i went to the site and looked at everything else and then i was like "whoa" Great stuff! Keep up the great work , I agree with Luther on the scene illustrations. Im thinking that a major studio could pic up these character designs and make a great anime franchise with them! Or maybe the next step should be Story board designs? I always wished ScyFy network would do something with this series. Or maybe pitching these Illustrations to a game studio!?!? Man im an artist and the more I think about these guys designs the more im kicking my self for not giving it a shot! WoT would be a SICK RPG for XBox or PC! But you know, as a WoT fan, what REALLY pisses me off? Is buying that Illustrated guide to the WoT series that was illustrated by that loser, i forgot the name and i dont have the book with me right now but everyone knows who im talking about!!! Man was i disappointed in those illustrations. YOU would Think that with the amount of money the series of novels has brought in over the years they would have originally invested in a MUCH higher quality illustrator! but this guys stuff is an incredibly much needed improvement to the visual interpretation of the series. ... and dont even get me started on the cover art for the novels. (except that i was pleasantly surprised by the Towers of Midnight cover art)
Looking over the prints, my personal opinion is the cartoonish style really doesn't so the characters justice, would've preferred a more lifelike interpretation.

In response to Nerv's comments, WoT WAS made into a game using the second iteration of the Unreal engine, it had a spinoff storyline of an Aes Sedai unable to fully channel but an authority on the use of angreal, Tar Valon is invaded and a number of terangreal and a seal are stolen, it takes the player from Tar Valon, to Shadar Logoth and through various other locations until you face one of the Forsaken, Black Ajah and some Whitecloaks with a final cutscene at Shayol Ghul where she reapplies the seals to the Bore sort of missing the whole point of the series. The game itself was a flop and only really played by the hardcore fanbase.

As an animation student, I can see huge potential in the story but because Jordan created such a massive world and an epic larger than The Lord of the Rings turning this to film or animation would have to be done very very carefully, a full length feature would be almost impossible to make and still stay true to the story and characters. Short films based on events however would be possible and I am considering doing that for my degree work if I can obtain permission...
Mmmm Mixed feelings, here.
For some of them, I really do like, such as the cover with Perrin and Faile, and I like Perrin with his epic beard, and Elayne is good, but then there's...scary Thom. Who looks like he's just finished (or about to start) cackling maniacally, and Moirane who looks a bit ridiculous with that...very tight dress.

And then there's the ones that I just can't make up my mind about, namely Rand and Mat.

Yes, mixed feelings definitely sums it up well.
I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. The only thing i was skeptical about was Tuon. I always saw the Seanchan being more of an asain culture. Everything about the way they do things speaks of it.
What, no Berelain? :drool:

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