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Gateway Shirt from Ta'veren Tees

Posted by Mashiara Sedai on Jan 24 2017 05:40 PM under in Community & Events

Nynaeve and Lan can forever guard each other's backs - and yours - with the newest tee shirt design now available for preorder from Ta'veren Tees, www.TheWheelofTimeStore.com.

"The Gateway," illustrated by Ariel Burgess, shows Lan and Nynaeve Traveling via gateway, standing ready to fight and protect each other. The front features Lan coolly guarding Nynaeve's back, while the back of the shirt features Nynaeve ready to unleash her fury on any darkfriend foolish enough to attack.

"The Gateway" is available in an unisex tee and a ladies' style tee. Both are soft, comfortable 100% cotton shirts. Sizing information is available on the product pages.

Front Male2 nomargin

Back Female1 nomargin

Preorders receive a discount and will ship on February 10, as soon as the shirt is in stock. All items ordered alongside the new shirt will be held and shipped at the same time.

Unisex: TaverenTees.com/gateway
Ladies: TaverenTees.com/gatewayladies

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Posted by Mashiara Sedai on Jan 24 2017 05:40 PM under in Community & Events


Pre-ordered mine a few days ago.....cool to see they're branching out a little.  But....still would like to see a a little bit of recognition going toward the Shadow!  Why not brainstorm some Shadowspawn designs?  Perhaps a Forsaken or two???  Come on...

A backscape of Shader Logoth or at least something tangible to the Two Rivers would've been nice. I assume I'm looking at Moraine and Lan.

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