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Highlights from Dragon*Con: AN Ending, but Not...

Sep 07 2012 08:25 PM | Posted by Dwynwen in the in DragonCon category.
This year marked the end of a dedicated Wheel of Time fan track at Dragon*Con. As we know, this wasn't the ending of Wheel of Time programming at Dragon*Con, but an ending. If there is enough interest from fans, there will be some future Wheel of Tim... [ Read More ]
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Dragon*Con 2011 Round Up

Aug 26 2011 08:00 PM | Posted by jenniferl in the in DragonCon category.
Next weekend is the 25th anniversary of Dragon*Con, the largest fan run pop arts convention in the world. It also marks the 11th year of Wheel of Time programming at Dragon*Con. Here's some helpful links for Wheel of Time fans attending the convention.... [ Read More ]
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