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Dragon Reborn Shirt Now Available from Ta'veren Tees

Posted by Dwynwen on Jan 25 2013 04:05 PM under in Community & Events

Artist Paul Bielaczyc has already amazed fans with his artwork for the Special Edition "Ravens" and "Wolf King" shirts from Ta'veren Tees.  Now, the ta'veren trio is complete, and you can wear the stunning "Dragon Reborn" tee as well.  Check out the press release:



"Like the unfettered dawn shall he blind us, and burn us, 
yet shall the Dragon Reborn confront the Shadow at the Last Battle, 
and his blood shall give us the Light." - Prophecies of the Dragon
Ta’veren Tees has completed its trio of ta’veren silhouette tees with the “Dragon Reborn” shirt by guest artist Paul Bielaczyc. The new addition is a companion to the “Ravens” and “Wolf King” shirts in the Special Edition collection of TaverenTees.com. Rather than a particular scene in the book, the design contains symbols that make up the character of Rand al’Thor, an homage to the shepherd and savior as he is depicted in various ways throughout the series.
The “Dragon Reborn” tee comes in both men’s and ladies’ styles and is on sale now at www.taverentees.com/dragonreborn and www.taverentees.com/ladiesdragonreborn.  Men’s shirts are available in S-5XL and ladies shirts are available in S-2XL. All Special Edition shirts have the Snake/Wheel logo on the left sleeve.
$7 off a print from Aradani Studios
Since everyone needs more WoT art on their walls, Ta’veren Tees and Paul Bielaczyc have partnered up to give you a deal. Through January 31, 2013, when you buy a “Dragon Reborn” shirt, you will receive a coupon code for $7 off either the “Ravens,” “Wolf King” or “Dragon Reborn” 11 x 14 print from AradaniCostumes.com.  You can read more at www.TaverenTees.com/specials. 
Paul Bielaczyc
Paul Bielaczyc is an avid Wheel of Time® fan and costumer. He created his first Rand al’Thor costume in 2003 and has been making WoT costumes ever since. Paul co-owns Aradani Studios with his siblings, where they sell art and costumes. To read more about Paul, visit www.taverentees.com/artists.  


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Posted by Dwynwen on Jan 25 2013 04:05 PM under in Community & Events


Woooow!!! Cool image!!

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