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"Wheel of Time Companion" to be published in November 2015

Posted by jenniferl on Aug 24 2014 03:09 PM under in Books and eBooks

Last weekend at WorldCon, Harriet McDougal, the editor of the Wheel of Time series and Robert Jordan's widow, announced that the Wheel of Time Companion (formerly known as the Wheel of Time Encyclopedia) will be published sometime next year, likely November 2015. According to Adam Werthead, the panel moderator and a long time blogger and friend of Dragonmount, the Companion will be around 350,000 words and contain new artwork and maps previously not seen in the series. There will also be an Old Tongue dictionary of about a thousand words and complete profiles on every character (including Bela!).  Harriet and Team Jordan have promised to update us when the Companion manuscript heads to Tor for publication. 
For more details on the Companion and tidbits from the Wheel of Time panel at WorldCon, please visit The Wertzone.

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Posted by jenniferl on Aug 24 2014 03:09 PM under in Books and eBooks


350,000 pages? So is it a new series?? :P

Ha! We corrected the article. Thanks, morning mist. 

I like the name TWOT companion! I just hope its free of small errors as opposed to The World of Robert Jordans! I am talking about one small part where it lists all the amyrlins. It lists all of them from the trolloc wars to the new era, though when it gives the lists and sorts them all by ajah it leaves out the numbers for the brown ajah. I dont really mind typo errors! For any major saga like TWOT, you got to cut the author some slack, and give him or her credit for what they are doing right! Other than that small above mentioned error, I loved The World of Robert Jordans The Wheel of TIme, and I thought it was a pretty good book!

I also hope TWOT companion is just a tiny bit more detailed than The World of Robert Jordans! What I mean is I would not only like to see descriptions about shadowspawn, it would also be cool to see descriptions about the true power and gholams! I know there is only partial info and references about them in the series, though I still think it would be great if they were included in TWOT companion!

I know we probably will not see another wheel of time story or outrigger novel, though when this book comes out, I can add it to my collection and I am looking forward to that!

Wishing everybody the best!


I cannot wait!!!
Great news, can't wait!

I'll be very interested to see what tone and tense it adopts. E.g. Will it be written 'in-world' like The World of Robert Jordan's, and where in the chronology of the books will it be set? Will it acknowledge things such as that Moridin is Ishmael reborn and will it even have references for characters like Androl and Bao who were only introduced very late on?

Am I right in recalling that an actual entry appeared on Dragonmount a while back? Anyone got a link?
Oh, I just found out the answer to one of my questions via the Wertzone link - it'll be written from a post-AMoL point of view with spoilers for the whole series. That's definitely a good thing in my opinion!

Awesome! Since I heard Brandon and Harriet talk about it on the AMOL book tour, I've been looking forward to this. The only complaint that I have is that this may be the last piece of Randland to add to my collection...


Also, does anyone have any info on who is providing the artwork/illustrations? 

Looking very forward to reading TWOT companion when it comes out!


More than that though, I would love to see a new story set within TWOT! I know already that Harriet is against this and it is probably not gonna happen, though there is still some stuff to make a good story about! A Memory of Light completes the main series for the most part, though the story is still incomplete in a way. What about Machin Shin and the corruption of the ways? What of Egwenes alliance made with the Aiel and the Sea Folk in TOM? Will the next amyrlin honor that alliance? And of course there is the Seanchan! There is enough to make a great story even if Brandon Sanderson is not the author to write it, though he still did a great job tying up the main story! If those issues listed above were addressed in a new TWOT stoy I would be happy! And I think that would tie up the main story as far as I can tell. Not to mention that it would probably make alot of other people happy! 


I know none of this is probably not gonna happen, though I just want to put my thoughts out there, because there is definitely room for another great TWOT story!

Thank you and I can't wait to put my paws on it:-)

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