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Orbit releasing limited-edition copies of Eye of the World

Posted by Jason on Oct 20 2011 09:40 AM under in Books and eBooks
Orbit Books, the UK publisher for The Wheel of Time, announced today on their "Turn the Wheel of Time" Facebook page that they will be publishing a limited number of leather-bound editions for The Eye of the World. Only 2,000 copies will sold worldwide. The hardback book comes in a high-quality slip-case with a gold foil WoT logo on the outside of the case and gold foil lettering and logo on the spine.

These limited editions will not be available in the United States or Canada. However, some US citizens have reportedly been able to pre-order it from Amazon UK.

If you are somebody who lives in a country or territory where Orbit Books are sold, please contact a local bookseller near you and ask them to special order this book. Give them the ISBN number: 9780356501529. If your local bookseller is unable to do this for you, then try the Amazon link provided here.

According to Orbit's announcement, the UK retail price will be £35. Specific price will vary depending on who you purchase it from, and what currency you use.

Pre-Order this book from Amazon UK
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Posted by Jason on Oct 20 2011 09:40 AM under in Books and eBooks


I've always liked what Orbit has done with the books. Pre-ordered from Amazon UK for £20. Can't wait until it's out.
That's real nice. I wish Tor would provide something decent like this in the US.
It can also be ordered from Book Depository, which offers free shipping worldwide.

Ordered my copy :D

Trench - d'you have any idea how many times I have been locked out of a competition or raffle on Tor because I don't live in the 50 states? They do - they just go for quantity not quality. If you add up all those giveaways and the like...
I'll be interested to see what happens next month. I lost all my copies in January's flooding so this is PERFECT, having only regained 1, 5, 7, and 9 in the DKS covers I (oddly, he's a terrible anatomist, but I started reading with DKS covers so it feels like home) prefer, and 3 of them through a friend's quick action in a second hand store. DKS is hard to get in Aus.
Overexcited Aspie may have said too much.
I just ordered my copy as well from book depository.

Does anybody know if they plan to release all the books in this manner?

It would be pointless to do just one of them.
I would say it is 'fishing expedition' to see if it sells around the Commonwealth. If it does, they'll 'leatherise' the rest, I reckon.
These are like the A Song of Fire and Ice Orbit limited releases. Them books have gotten fairly dire reviews about the quality of the book considering the price.
Having said that just pre ordered one!
Because of a temporary low financial situation, I think I'll wait until the last one is finished. I bet they will publish them in a special 14 part set (for a small fortune).
Oh I'm sorely tempted to get that... We're feckin addicts really. Have the lot, have some of the comics/graphic novels/whatever ye cool people call them now, going to get the full set as ebooks, I just don't know if I could get away with a full leather set too!

Of course they could publish one giant book, which would be impressive... Like that 'Understanding Women' three foot tall book pic that's floating around Facebook.
ordered it on amazon. shipped to my moms place in NY. FO SHIZ!!!!!
Let's us indeed hope they're going to release them all leatherbound cuase this looks realy nice
Got mine the other day, was a real b!tch to get out of the case. Nothing like the heft of a proper leather bound tome. Hope they release all of them in this format.
I've ordered my copy as well, and am still waiting on it in the mail. From amazon.co.uk, although I've begun to see posts stating that this edition is in fact not leather. Is this correct?

@Tamsar - Where did you purchase your copy?
No, it is not leather. I received mine Yesterday and had somewhat of an anti-climactic "Oh..." moment after unpacking it.

This is the only page I've found claiming it was leather, after double-checking the Facebook page and Amazon page... so I'm not sure where the mis-information originated from.

I guess the price was too cheap anyway. I recall thinking that when I placed the order. Even with freight cost to Australia it came in at the same price as a basic shelf purchased hardback.
Received it yesterday...definitely NOT leather :( It isn't a numbered book either, so no way to validate that it really is one of only 2,000...My partner is going to be so disappointed :( I wish dragonmount hadn't falsely advertised the product =/
Affirmative on the not being leather :s

Disappointing (but not surprising) news, Orbit has officially pulled the plug on this series.

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