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New Spring Giveaway!

Posted by jenniferl on Jan 10 2011 09:00 PM under in Books and eBooks
On January 18th, Tor Books plans to release the complete graphic novel, New Spring. New Spring is a prequel to the Wheel of Time series. It was first published as a short story in 1998, then expended to a full novel in 2004. A comic book adaption followed shortly thereafter, though it was plagued with production and delivery issues. The story focuses on Moiraine Damodred, an Accepted in the White Tower and Lan Mandragoran, an officer in the Aiel War.

Tor has given us five copies of the graphic novel to give away here on Dragonmount. To enter just post below with your favorite memory of Lan and/or Moiraine from any book (Towers of Midnight spoilers allowed) by midnight Saturday, January 15th Eastern time. We regret that this contest is only open to fans in the United States.

You can pre-order the book now from Amazon.com or find it at your local bookstore.

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Posted by jenniferl on Jan 10 2011 09:00 PM under in Books and eBooks


My favourite memory of Moiraine was pretty much the entire New Spring POVs for her. It made me think "wow, she's actually a person :o"
I love when Moraine dumps Lan in the lake when they first meet
One of my favorite memories of Moiraine is when she scares the whitecloaks in Baerlon by making herself appear as big as a giant. I have often tried to figrure out what weaves would be used to do that.
My favorite memory of Lan and Moraine together is probably "Watchers" in TGH. It's the first time we see them being uncandid with each other without the eyes of the boys on them. It also introduced us to how long they've been with each other and how their relationship really is.
I would also have to say New Spring. I loved the insight into the workings of the Tower when it WASN'T broken and held by a horrid, horrid woman of an Amyrlin (Elaida, obviously), or worried about Tarmon Gai'don coming within two years or so (Siuan's reign and then Egwene's), and stuff like that. The experience of an Accepted and stuff under "normal" Tower conditions. It was really cool.
I like when Moiraine gets frustrated and says "Rand al'Thor is a stubborn wool headed fool of a man!" to Egwene. Or something close to that effect... don't have the access to the reference right now.
Felt Moiraine really stepped up her game in TDR when you goes of to see if the truly is a Forsaken in Illian, then battles the darkhounds in the hills outside the city.
I loved it when discussing the transfer of his bond, in TGH, that she foreshadows his eventual place beside Nynaeve. Mentioning that he could end up bonded to a "newly risen Sister" had a great connection to the day when Nyanaeve walks up to Myrelle and demands his bond.
My favorite Moraine moment is the fight with Lanfear and Rand reading the letter afterward. Tears actually came to my eyes. Favorite Lan moment is probably the banter between him and Rand in the first couple books. Favorite Lan and Moraine moment together is probably is when Moraine dumps Lan in the lake.
When Moiraine is telling the tale of Aemon's Last Stand and the Fall of Manetheren to the villagers of Emond's Field. I still tear up rereading that scene.

For Lan, my fave scene with him is when he and Nyneave have their midnight tea in blight-consumed Malkier and he refuses to dress her in widow's clothing for her bridal gown. So much emotion in so few words...baring his heart and soul to her (and us) after acting as (Faile calls him) "stone face" for so long.
What stands out most in my mind is Moiraine's sacrifice at the end of FoH, although dumping water on Lan in New Spring was pretty awesome.
I like the scene in the beginning of the Great Hunt where Lan is teaching Rand sword forms. Nothing spectacular there, I love the scene.
My favorite scenes involving Moiraine and Lan occur when Rand and friends first go to the Aiel waste in The Shadow Rising. Up to that point, Lan's prowess as a fighter was unquestioned, as was Moiraine's surprising knowledge and worldliness, but finding out that their reputations were known as far afield as the Waste was impressive. At that point, Lan became for me the ultimate warrior, the standard against which all others would be judged. Moiraine, however, became more human because the Wise Ones did not treat her with the dumbfounded awe most others did and because she had to face Rhuidean naked, taking away forever the image of her as the "queen" amongst the Two Rivers people.
My favorite scene with both of them is when she dumps Lan in the pond.
My favorite scene is where Lan defeats the blademaster when Lan only had one usable arm.
I just like it when Moiraine and Siaun are just talking to each other as novices, and not as full Aes Sedai.
My favorite memory of Lan is in The Great Hunt when he's instructing Rand on how to act when he meets the Amyrlin for the first time.
I remember reading EotW as a young reader. It was so awesome when Moiraine used her power enhancing angreal to fight off an army of trollocs!
"through a land of bravery and beauty"

My favorite story within the story is when Moiraine confronts the villagers in emond's field. "is this what Aemon's blood has come to?" in a series noted for remarkable prose this story brought me chills 15 years ago and it still does.
Favorite Lan and Moiraine memory- When Moiraine discovers that Lan is in love with Nyanaeve and tells him when she dies his bond will pass to another.
Favorite memory of them was the bonding at the end of New Spring, Moiraine giving Lan a new purpose instead of an anonymous ending in the blight.
My favorite Moiraine scene is the infamous pond scene with Lan. It forever changed how I saw Moiraine.
I have to agree with mitsuck48 that was my favorite moment. The way Lan kept his cool and she kept pushing him.
When Lan tutors Rand on how to speak with the Amyrlin
in TGH. :lan: :rand:
My favorite episode with Lan and Moraine came in the time period after they first met when Moraine was doing her best to torture Lan. He never gave her the satisfaction of showing any feelings about her actions. She thought she had him when she mentioned wasps (or something to that effect) and he gasped, but, alas, he was simply shot with an arrow.

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