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From the Two Rivers eBook on sale for $0.99

Posted by Jason on Jan 30 2012 09:00 AM under in Books and eBooks
Tor Books announced today that From the Two Rivers, the first half of the first Wheel of Time novel, is available immediately in eBook edition for $0.99. This price promotion will last until the release of A Memory of Light, sometime later this year. (Read our speculation on the AMOL release date.)

Originally released in this form in 2002, From the Two Rivers is an illustrated edition of The Eye of the World up until Shadar Logoth.

The $0.99 ebook edition is clearly geared towards encouraging new readers, as well as giving old fans a launch point for a re-read. From the Two Rivers contains an additional prologue, written by Robert Jordan, called "Ravens". It focuses on a 9-year-old Egwene and foreshadows much of her future personality.

Buy it Now: Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | iTunes (iPad)
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Posted by Jason on Jan 30 2012 09:00 AM under in Books and eBooks


:sad: still norm price in the uk amazon
Oh, cool. I was looking for information to see if this is the one with the added material. 99c seems like a perfect price to read the prologue. :)
I think Tor should have put the Charles Vess penciled illustrations in like originally planned, along with a new eBook cover.
Ooh, cool. This was the first edition of the books that I ever found. But since it's almost never mentioned, I thought it had been forgotten in the turnings of the Wheel =)
.99 on the iBooks store. Let's see, I've bought all the books in hardback (1st editions), Bought the European variations, and bought them in softcover... Do I really need the e-book? Well of course I do!
I am unable to buy this ebook on amazon.... for some reason the ebook is shown as currently unavailable :sad:
Pawan, did you click the Amazon Kindle link above? As of this posting, it shows as available.

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