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ebook cover art for The Gathering Storm

Posted by Jason on Sep 04 2010 11:32 AM under in Books and eBooks
Tor Books has released the cover art for the upcoming ebook release of The Gathering Storm, the twelfth book in the Wheel of Time series, and the first co-written with Brandon Sanderson. Each month, beginning this past October, Tor will release the next book in the series in a variety of electronic formats. See below for a full list of links to the released books, as well as a schedule of the upcoming releases.

With each eBook, Tor is including brand new artwork for the "cover". A different artist has been selected for each one, giving the art team at Tor a chance to provide us fans with a variety of styles.

Click the image seen here to enlarge

This month, the artwork is by Todd Lockwood. The ebook will be released on November 2nd.

As with the previous covers that were released for the ebooks, Tor Art Director Irene Gallo has done a write up about the process behind creating this image. Be sure to check out the full article. Here's an excerpt:
   Egwene’s coming into her own - as Amyrlin and as a force for the Light to be reckoned with, but also simply as an adult, fully-developed character - has been a long and sometimes tortuous progression that has spanned the entirety of the series, and, in my opinion, ultimately ranks second only to Rand's himself in its centrality to the series. Her triumph, at the moment depicted, is awesome not only because of how much ass she is kicking right then, but because it represents a fundamental turning point for her character - and, therefore, for Tarmon Gai'don itself.

Wheel of Time eBook News and release schedule
Tor Books plans to re-release each one of the Wheel of Time novels as ebooks according to the schedule below. Each will have new cover art, specially commissioned for the eBook format. Each will feature a different artist.

So what do you think of this new image? Leave your comments below. Remember, we'll have a more detailed report on the overall future of the Wheel of Time print-edition covers at a later time.
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Posted by Jason on Sep 04 2010 11:32 AM under in Books and eBooks


the ebook will be released September 28, not November 2.
Not my favorite. The way Egwene is leaning just looks a bit awkward to me. The angle of the shot is already tilted... and then she's tilted back to make her straight relative to the cover. Just looks odd to me.

But I do like that Egwene was chosen for the cover. Rand has had plenty, and she really was the star of this book. Has always been in my top two favorite characters (Perrin the other), and more recently became my favorite.
Hey there, DM folks! I know you all are swamped right now but are you planning to put all the old blog posts on the prior ebook covers into the new DM format? Was just wondering.
I generally like it, a lot more that the DKS one, as with most of them. I think the raken is a little too demonic dragon looking tho. They were described as being a lot more lizard like, and friendly enough that their keepers were hand feeding them fruit in one of the Seanchan POVs. But I do like the choice of this imagery. And it hints at how huge the tower is.
i agree al'corey :) i always thought of them more along the chinese dragon(the serpantine one) with wings...

also that the fluted rod was white, not bone, and was glowing fiercely bright during that battle :)

and that her hair makes it look like she's falling... i always pictured it more... wild...

other then those, a very nice picture :)
Where did the image go for the "Click the image seen here to enlarge?" Unless it means the image off to the right... but then where's our full size image of JUST the artwork?

did I miss something?
Well, it's kind of fun to get more art from more artists, but it seems Tor is still only formatting these for amazon to kindle distribution.

I have bought only one WoT e-book and that was TGS which I got from Barnes & Noble for a nook, last month, and it is missing the Cover (other than the thumbnail size one in the list). B&N staff told me it is a book for which the publisher does not own the rights to the art, and if so that means that at least Darrel K Swift retains the rights to electronic reproduction of his work so far.

Yet it would be nice to have SOME Cover, whichever artist's work it is!

So let this stand as a complaint to Tor to get on the ball for the other ebook distributors. Why can't we have Cover art on our WoT ebooks?
I chose to not get the kindle after a detailed comparison of all the ereaders. It was between B&N and Borders for me, for more than one reason.

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