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Audiobook Giveaway: The Shadow Rising

Posted by Dwynwen on Jun 06 2012 03:00 AM under in Audio Books


It's time for another audiobook giveaway! Here are the rules again for those who aren't familiar with our giveaways:

Macmillan Audio has partnered with us to bring you an amazing opportunity once again. We are going to give away free copies of each audiobook in the Wheel of Time series between now and when the final book is published. 
On the first Wednesday of each month (and on the first and third Wednesdays of the month once we get to the final few books), I will post an audio clip for one of the audiobooks. The book featured in the clip will be the one we're giving away at the time. 
As each clip is posted online, I will randomly select three winners to receive either a free digital audiobook download or a free CD. This contest is open to anybody world-wide, but non-US residents can only receive the digital download.
Entering to win is simple. Every time I post an audio clip, I will post a topic for discussion. Just post a response to the discussion question in the comments section of each news article. The winners will be randomly selected from the comments section exactly one week after I post the article. 
There can be only one entry per person each time I put up an article. You cannot win more than once for this audiobook promotion.
If you are selected as a winner, I will PM you to notify you and request your contact information. Make sure to check your PMs, because if I still cannot reach you after two weeks from the date of my first PM, your prize will be given to another randomly drawn winner.

This month, we will be giving away a copy of The Shadow Rising. Click here for a clip from the audiobook.
This month's question is: How did you discover the Wheel of Time series?  You have until Wednesday, June 13th to answer in the comments section. Good luck!
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Posted by Dwynwen on Jun 06 2012 03:00 AM under in Audio Books


It had a big reputation when i started back in 2010 saw it as huge and took me a while to get up the effort to read but heard it was coming to an end so i got from the libraby adn started it and fell hook line and sinker
I would like to win this.
My siblings have been fans of the books since forever. I found it lying around in the house and was only avoiding it because I found the sheer volume daunting. However, as soon as I opened a page, I couldn't stop reading. It didn't matter that I got home late and need to get up early for work. I simply had to read at least a chapter every day! After 2 months, I got to finish all 13 books.

It was love at first page.
It was back in the beginning of 2008 when my family decided to take a break from freezing old Sweden and go to Thailand for a couple of weeks. There while on a snorkeling trip we became friends with one of the guides who was also Swedish and we got to discussing Fanatsy. She told me about this great fantasy series called "Sagan om Drakens Återkomst" (roughly "the Tale of the Dragon's Return", I swear whoever did the translation...) or "The Wheel of Time" in English. After ridiculing the translated name I decided to check out a bookstore when we got back to town. There I picked up a worn copy of "The Eye of the World" for roughly 3 bucks.

Sadly I didn't begin reading it right away, and I had trouble getting into it at the time (granted, I was 13 at the time). But by the end of the next year I had begun devouring book after book of epic fantasy awesomeness until I finally reached The Gathering Storm last summer.

I love this series. I feel bad for people who have trouble getting into it or just don't like reading. They are missing out. BIG TIME. It may be slow at times but I don't care. All I can hope is that the ending is as good as the rest of the series has been.
I had just moved into this small town, and went looking for a used bookstore. I had to settle for an old thrift store (CHKD), but since they'd helped my younger brother, born premature, I wanted to help support them; of course I'd buy a book. I looked and found little else besides old harlequine romances. Then, I saw a book that caught my eye: The Shadow Rising. I've been in love with Wheel Of Time ever since then. The Wheel turns...
I had just bought an iPad and wanted something new to read with my shiny new toy. I downloaded "The Eye of the Word" and haven't looked back! I'm on "Crossroads of Twilight" now, hoping to finish "Towers of Midnight" in time for "A Memory of Light".
I was in a metal band and my singer wrote a song that, was inspired by this series that he was reading. He had previously turned me on to the Dark Tower series by Stephen King so when he said he thought I might like the series I didn't hesitate to purchase Eye of the World. I was not disappointed. I quickly purchased all of the books in the series, which were the first 10 at the time, and began the task of reading one book after the other. I have loved this series from the very first page and would never have known it had existed if it weren't for him. The song was called Jack of the Shadows.
When I was younger I hated to read. The only time I would read is when I had a school project and had to do it. Even then I skimmed through. So about 7years ago when my new husband handed me a book and told me I would like it I thought "seriously this book looks lame, I dont want to read it". Being a newlywed I didnt feel comfortable telling my husband just how I felt, so I opened it up and started to read. Thanks to WOT I now have a love for reading and "gobble" up books. I have read the series about 4 times and discover new details every time. I am on the edge of my seat for the last book to come!
I was a sophomore in high school, and I had just had surgery on my foot. I was looking at six to eight weeks of being on crutches not being able to participate in P.E. Then, out of the blue, a kid I barely ever talked to handed me this massive paperback called The Eye of the World. I burned through the first five books (all that he owned at the time) during P.E. those weeks of being laid up. By the time I graduated, I had bought the hardcovers of all the then-released books and reread the series. Haven't looked back since.
In 2008, my son died by suicide. I was the one to find him and have suffered with PTSD. My oldest daughter was a big fan of Wheel of Time and gave me the first book in the series, to help distract me. I wasn't sleeping well back then, so this helped me get through many a sleepless night. I have now read all of the books in the series, multiple times and see something new each time. The world is so detailed and the characters so deep, it keeps my mind focused on something other than my loss. It has helped me to get through, day by day. To me, it will always represent a part of my healing process.

I would like to have the audio version so that I can pop it in on long drives. Even after nearly four years, it's hard to do long drives. I imagine it will get less painful as time wears on, but for now I hold on.
I started reading wheel of time in middleschool. We had to pick a book from the school library for a book report. I found a book that at first seemed seemed rather unassuming titled "the eye of the world". I had already grabbed another book titled "neuromancer" i had to decided which one to go with. I ended up reading Neruomancer for the report, but i checked out eye of the world as well and once i read that well to use a cliche the rest is history. 15 years later I'm always happy i checked out the second book as well.
My friend gave me the books in high school. I started reading them and I was hooked. Now I've introduced my sister to them and we get to fight over who gets the book first :P
"eye of the world" was in my school library and looked interesting, so i put it to the test, and was proven very very right :D
I found Wot at a yardsale. I have always loved reading and my wife and I are big yardsalers. So naturally I always look for book. We were at a yardsale that had several books and as I was looking thru the I came across Eye of the world. At this time I had no clue who RJ was I just liked the cover of the book. So I bought it took it home and started to read. I have been in love ever since. I was very saddened when I heard about RJ's passing and felt that we lost a great author. Im very excited for the new book and cant wait to see how it all ends.
In 7th grade, a friend of mine handed me a book called The Eye of the World and told me that it was the first book in some series called the Wheel of Time. He told me that I absolutely had to read it. I shrugged, muttered an agreement, and proceeded to misplace it for about six months. When I finally stumbled across it again, I decided that I'd read it to see what the fuss was about.

Nearly thirteen years later, here I am.

(As a further note, the friend in question never read past the first book because he thought that they would be too addictive. Thanks a lot.)
I first disoverd the series through a friend who was staying on my couch for a few weeks. He ended up robbing me but left the book New Spring behind. Flipping through the first few chapters I became utterly enthralled and thus commenced to read more!
My brother bought me New Spring for Christmas a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it but got overtaken by Life (pregnancy, work etc.) and never got around to reading the full series. My Hubby bought me a Kindle for my birthday and I decided it was time to try something new. It wasn't until I was a few books in that I found out just how long the series was. I'll admit to finding it a bit hard going to begin with as there was just so much information. I kept telling myself I'd just finish this book then quit the series. Around Lord of Chaos I realised I was getting through a book a week and finally gave in and downloaded the lot. I've already pre-ordered my Memory of Light ebook for download in April and can't wait.
In middle school i was very bored and didnt like listening to the teachers drone on. i was the strange guy who read the text books in the first week so i knew it all. so i went to the library and looked for a series that would hopfully last all year. i read from The Eye of the World to The Path of Daggers in under a month. so i failed, but only because the world was one that wouldnt let me go. fifteen rereads later i still cant put them down.
my dear neighbor vince got me turned onto them, he insisted that i read eotw, once i finally got around to it my life was forever changed!!
Back in maybe '96 or so, a friend of mine had all of them that were published at that point, and recommended them to me, and I was hooked. There were only six books published at the time, so thus began the long wait between books...this last wait is bloody driving me flaming mad.
While I was in college I went to my favorite used bookstore looking for some reading materials for spring break and found the first three books in a set. I read them all during that break and had to sneak more in between semesters, etc. throughout the rest of my time in college. Now I need to catch up with the last couple books. Can't wait to be caught back up in the wheel. :)
It was in the year 2000 when I went into a bookstore to find a new series to read. The cover of the book is what caught my eye, so I grabbed it and began to read the prologue. I've been hooked ever since.
I read when I was younger, up until I was 8 or so and then stopped reading. My mom was trying to get me back into reading when I was about 14. She handed me the Eye of the World. I read about the first 10 pages and put it down. I then proceeded to lose the book. I did pick up reading again, starting with some of the old 'Goosebumps' books shortly after they started coming out. I later found the Eye of the world again when cleaning my room, was tired of cleaning and bored, so I started reading it again from the beginning. I never could figure out why I put it down the first time, but I haven't gone a year since without reading part, or all, of the series over again for nearly 15 years. Needless to say, I was busy "cleaning" my room for quite a while that day.
I bought the first book for my mom on mother's day - I was very young, and I think it was the first holiday where I bought gifts with my own money. I was at a used book store, looking through the titles I could purchase for the half dozen quarters I was carrying around. I didn't know much about fantasy at the time, but the Eye of the World had the best page to dollar ratio of any of the books on the shelf and in my juvenile mind anything over 100 pages equated to Literature with a capital L, so I grabbed it. A few years later I had just finished the Belgariad by David Eddings and was looking for another world to dive into, and Rober Jordan provided.
I was living in Washington state and the summer i was to go into high school my family and i had to move to Colorado. Gearing for a long drive we went to the bookstore. I couldn't find anything so my older sister picked out Eye of the World which she had read the first two books when they had first come out. So only a few years later i read it on my way to my new home. Even moving to two new states and 17 years later I'm still in love with the Wheel of Time. Thank you!

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