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Audiobook Giveaway: The Great Hunt

Posted by Dwynwen on Apr 04 2012 03:00 AM under in Audio Books
It's the first Wednesday in April, so it's time for another audiobook giveaway! Here are the rules again for those who aren't familiar with our giveaways:

Macmillan Audio has partnered with us to bring you an amazing opportunity once again. We are going to give away free copies of each audiobook in the Wheel of Time series between now and when the final book is published.

On the first Wednesday of each month (and on the first and third Wednesdays of the month once we get to the final few books), I will post an audio clip for one of the audiobooks. The book featured in the clip will be the one we're giving away at the time.

As each clip is posted online, I will randomly select three winners to receive either a free digital audiobook download or a free CD. This contest is open to anybody world-wide, but non-US residents can only receive the digital download.

Entering to win is simple. Every time I post an audio clip, I will post a topic for discussion. Just post a response to the discussion question in the comments section of each news article. The winners will be randomly selected from the comments section exactly one week after I post the article.

There can be only one entry per person each time I put up an article. You cannot win more than once for this audiobook promotion.

If you are selected as a winner, I will PM you to notify you and request your contact information. Make sure to check your PMs, because if I still cannot reach you after two weeks from the date of my first PM, your prize will be given to another randomly drawn winner.

This month, we will be giving away a copy of The Great Hunt. Click here for a clip from the audiobook.

This month's question is: What is your favorite scene from The Wheel of Time? You have until Wednesday, April 11th to answer in the comments section. Good luck!
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Posted by Dwynwen on Apr 04 2012 03:00 AM under in Audio Books


after Mats Hinderstep (or smth) experience, when he suggests that the soldiers should guard the Aes Sedai AKA the Aes Sedai should guard the soldiers.
I always and still do, smile at this passage in the book. I think it's more amusing about the "boots" now,especially for Mat as later in the series he uses boots as an analogy. With only needing 3 pair.
The scene where Lan draws Mat into talking strategy in the tent, before the Battle of Cairhien. TFOH Chapter 42 "Before The Arrow".
I love the scene in Winters Heart where he is about to escape Ebou Dar and Queen Tylin when he discovers that he has to kidnap his future wife Daughter of the Nine Moons. Its funny how he becomes half married in the span of a few moments. Wonder if they will have any kids? Probably not
Probably when Rand figures out it's all about love. It sure took him long enough.
My favorite scene in the Wheel of Time series is Rand's trip through Rhidean followed closely by his epiphany on top of Dragonmount when he realizes that his reason for fighting is to fix what he messed up before and that maybe he could love again. It was a very strong scene emotionally.
Jeez, there are so many...probably Rand's Rhuidean vision, tho that could maybe considered a whole sequence of scenes. Close seconds are Mat's duel with Galad and Gawyn in the warder's in the practice yard, and when Nynaeve discovers how to heal stilling/gentling.
my favorite scene is the battle of dumai's wells,intense,bloody and very brutal.
the outcome of that battle changed the wheel of time world
another favorite is the first meeting between rand and lanfear
in the great hunt.
I think one of mine would be when Nymaeve finally learns how to channel with out being angry. although it took her almost dieing to do it. that and when Perrin realizes just how much he likes swinging his axe. just before he throws it into the tree. "keep it, keep it until you enjoy using it"
The scene in tDR when Mat meets the Aelfinn and asks the questions about his destiny. It's a decent insight into his character when it becomes obvious that the part about him getting married bothers him way more than dying and living again or sacrificing half of the light of the world.
The scene when Perrin makes the first power wrought weapon sense the age of legends.
The most interesting series of scenes is Rand's visions at Rhuidean. One scene that sticks in my head is the battle at Cairhien, while Rand is on the tower and blasts of earth are hitting nearby.
I think I'd have to say Rand's trip through the Aiel History ter'angreal.
My favorite moment would have to be when Perrin was forging his new hammer. Throughout the series he was unsure about what he wanted to do, but while making the hammer he seemed to realize what he was going to do and each hit was hardening his resolve. That and since it's a weapon of power, it shows how the days of old are coming back which will be important for the final battle.
Mine isn't a single scene perse, but a group of them. Basically, most of the scenes between Mat and Queen Tylin as he kept trying to find ways to get around her scheming.
I like so many...but I think my favorite is when Perrin forges his new hammer. Made of awesome~

I also like Rand and Avihendia's trips through the ter'angreal in Rhuidean. Oh, and when Mat and Birgitte drink together in Ebou Dar and he speaks the Old Tounge. So much good stuff!
I like it when they meet the Green Man in Eye of The World. Rand and Mat's trip to Rhuidean. Mat's battle with Galad and Gawyn. Perrin making the new hammer and Rand going to Dragonmount.
Mat taking out the Gholam. Love the emotion that comes out when he's he switches to the old tongue in the end
I like the Open Road it's great how the late Robert Jordan starts the chapter with Tam and Rand.
I think my favorite scene from the Wheel of Time series is from the Eye of the World where Rand dances (separately) with Moiraine, Nynaeve, and Egwene at an inn. I still smile every time I read how Rand nervously stumbles through that scene. Relatedly, it was also this scene that convinced me that Moiraine didn't possess any ill intentions towards the Edmond's Field gang. No member of the Black Ajah would ever give Rand a look of pity like Moiraine did after they finished dancing, it's simply not possible. :)
I actually haven't listened to any of the books yet. I'm just downloaded book 1 from the library, and I have a copy of book 2. Winning book 3 would be wonderful.
Definitely With The Chodan Kal...what a series of scenes!! Forsaken, circles of men and women, using the sa'angreal....INTENSE!! Hope the entire last book is as epic as this chapter in Winter's Heart was!!
Moiraine's rescue from the snakes & foxes by Mat, Thom & Noal. From the reasoning out how to get into the tower to Mat "giving up half the light of the world," that story sequence keeps me turning the pages every time I read it.
Mat's letter to Elayne was hilarious, Perrin forging his weapon of power, Rand cleaning saidin.
My favorite moment is in Towers of Midnight when Lan says: "The Golden Crane flies for Tamon Gai'don". Gave me goosebumps :-)

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