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Audiobook Giveaway: The Eye of the World

Posted by Dwynwen on Mar 07 2012 04:00 AM under in Audio Books
Macmillan Audio has partnered with us to bring you an amazing opportunity once again. We are going to give away free copies of each audiobook in the Wheel of Time series between now and when the final book is published.

On the first Wednesday of each month (and on the first and third Wednesdays of the month once we get to the final few books), I will post an audio clip for one of the audiobooks. The book featured in the clip will be the one we're giving away at the time.

As each clip is posted online, we will randomly select three winners to receive either a free digital audiobook download or a free CD. This contest is open to anybody world-wide, but non-US residents can only receive the digital download.

Entering to win is simple. Every time I post an audio clip, I will post a topic for discussion. Just post a response to the discussion question in the comments section of each news article. The winners will be randomly selected from the comments section exactly one week after I post the article.

There can be only one entry per person each time I put up an article. You cannot win more than once for this audiobook promotion.

If you are selected as a winner, I will PM you to notify you and request your contact information. Make sure to check your PMs, because if I still cannot reach you after two weeks from the date of my first PM, your prize will be given to another randomly drawn winner.

This month, we will be giving away a copy of The Eye of the World. Here's a clip from the audiobook: http://www.upload-mp3.com/files/337183_gv2tm/TheEyeOfTheWorld_Ch2webclip.mp3

This month's question is: Who is your favorite character in The Wheel of Time? You have until Wednesday, March 14 to answer in the comments section. Good luck!
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Posted by Dwynwen on Mar 07 2012 04:00 AM under in Audio Books


Possibly my favorite character is Birgitte Silverbow. She brings backbone to Elayne, Nynaeve, and the Queen's Guard. She also brings a connection from our supergirls to Mat. Through Birgitte, they are able to communicate and cooperate with one another.
From this book, my favorite 'main' character would be either Perrin or Thom (hard o choose between the two). My favorite minor character is Basel Gill and a special mention if for Hyam Kinch, the farmer that gave Rand and Mat a ride and a scarf.
Overall my favorite character has to be Rand, the battle scenes that involve him are just too good.
Perrin has always been my favorite. Probably has something to do with my love of dogs and wolves, plus I'd love to have golden eyes.
My favorite would be Thom.
This is such a hard question. I love them all at different points in the story. If I have to pick right now though, I think I'm going to say Nynaeve.
My favorite charater by far would have to be al'Lan Mandragoran. An extremely hard and brutal man with a sad history, but with the help of a certain village Wisdom finds that there still is something to live for. not to mention the instant shining he took to Rand, and the incredible respect/fear the Aiel show toward him.
I agree with Rose - at different times several characters just find their way as a favorite. On the spot call - I would say Matt. He is such a sarcastic smart ass - I always find myself laughing out loud from his dialogs.
My favorite character is Nynaeve. She's very intelligent, extremely competent, and gets shiz done.
Thanks Dragonmount, for being so awesome! Hurin.
Nynaeve. She is just so darn powerful, do dedicated to serving the Light, and he would do anything to protect her friends. She is a noble healer, a spunky woman who smacks of no nonsense, and I don't are how many times she tugs on her braid, I love it everytime!
Where can you find your PMs?
Totally Mat.I've liked the mischevious prankster from day one. Since gaining his new memories, the lord of Battles has become even cooler. Who else could have beaten the Fins in their own realm.
Very difficult... I'll have to be obvious & say Rand (closely followed by Nynaeve).
Mat Cauthon, hands down. Lucky Trickster character, awesome. Lucky Trickster character with an army that is personally loyal to him due to his epic skills as a general... We're gonna need a new word to describe how cool that is.
I'm not sure, Rand / Mat are both epic, I love the fact that both of them have become so intelligent and brilliant at strategic planning. Also Rand is super awesome in his power and Mat is just brilliant with his army and nobleness.

My favourite Tier two character (and probably my favourite overall) is Galad, I can really relate to his morals and how he joined the Children of Light but refused to accept their prejudices. I also find it awesome that he became the LCC and actually made a difference to the way the Children were run despite his own bad experience with the Aes Sedai.

I also really liked Moraine for putting up with all the crap that Rand gave her, most people wouldn't do that. Also Egwene is totally awesome for the whole power struggle and Lan simply for New Spring and the early chapters of The great hunt.

Wow, so many characters. I guess I'm going to stick with Galad for my favourite character :S
Don't shoot me now but.. my favorite character is probably Moghedien xD I just love her craftiness and how she never forgets anyone who crossed her. I guess i have a penchant for evil ones in general :)
Favorite Character? Man, that's a hard one. One of the boys... Which one depends on where I am in books. :)
at this po0int in the books, id say that perrin is my favorite character
Obviously - Al'Lan Mandragoran! I started reading Wot so many years ago because of the fist chapter with him in New Spring. Closing the book I was in love with him. Been a fan ever since. He's every little boys example of what a real man should be like,(. Jordan described the character thus: "Lan is simply the man I always wished I could be.") he also shows that he's human tho! The perfect tutor for Rand, adds a lot to the series!

Thai shar Malkier!!
I think I would have to pick Mat. I just love the irreverent sense of humor, combined with his honesty and principles. There have been so many laugh out loud quips from him thru the whole series. And my absolute favorite scene in the whole series is Mat kicking the butts of G and G in the warder practice yard. But also he seems (to me) to be one of the best developed characters, with lots of depth and different sides to him.
This is a hard one...but I would have to say Nyneave. I like how stubborn she is, how she rationalizes her actions (to herself and everyone else), and how she sticks up for the people she cares for.
I would have to say Mat; although Perrin runs a close second. Mat's scenes are always fun even, but Perrin saving the Two Rivers always stands out for me.
I would like to say Mat, because he is so laid back xD He claims that he isn't a bloody "hero", yett somehow, he always manages to save the day.. The problem is, I feel he is still very much a child..

My true favorit character has to be al'Lan Mandragoran.
He is so unpredictable in some strange way. As an example is when he helps Rand face the Amyrlin, and just before the doors close betwen Lan and Rand, he yells out "Tai'shar Manetheren" only for Rand to hear, to boost his self-confidance ^^
Rand has been my love since my teenage years. He's my number 1 always, nevermind good or evil, it's simply unconditional. It's probably that my weak mind came wholly under the influence of his ta'vereness :)

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