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Audiobook Giveaway: Knife of Dreams

Posted by Dwynwen on Nov 07 2012 07:50 PM under in Audio Books
It's time for another giveaway! Here are the rules again for those who aren't familiar with them:

Macmillan Audio has partnered with us to bring you an amazing opportunity once again. We are going to give away free copies of each audiobook in the Wheel of Time series between now and when the final book is published.

On the first Wednesday of each month (and on the first and third Wednesdays of the month once we get to the final few books), I will post an audio clip for one of the audiobooks. The book featured in the clip will be the one we're giving away at the time.

As each clip is posted online, I will randomly select three winners to receive either a free digital audiobook download or a free CD. This contest is open to anybody world-wide, but non-US residents can only receive the digital download.

Entering to win is simple. Every time I post an audio clip, I will post a topic for discussion. Just post a response to the discussion question in the comments section of each news article. The winners will be randomly selected from the comments section exactly one week after I post the article.

There can be only one entry per person each time I put up an article. You cannot win more than once for this audiobook promotion.

If you are selected as a winner, I will PM you to notify you and request your contact information. Make sure to check your PMs, because if I still cannot reach you after two weeks from the date of my first PM, your prize will be given to another randomly drawn winner.

This time, we will be giving away a copy of Knife of Dreams. I haven't received the audio clip from Macmillan yet, but will add it here if/when I do.

This giveaway's question is: What would you do if you found yourself in Tel'aran'rhiod for the night? You have until Wednesday, November 14th to answer in the comments section. Good luck!
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Posted by Dwynwen on Nov 07 2012 07:50 PM under in Audio Books


I would run and hide till the night was over. I have NO control over stray thoughts. You would see godzilla fighting Optimus Prime while godzilla spews giant spiders that only want to hump you (thats my normal dreams, and I only remember half and the other half left the impression it was even worse) . Focus on an impenetrable bunker around me, then just let the madness consume the outside world.
I wanna see happen...
Godzilla vs Optimus Prime
Power Rangers vs Teletubbies
Dancougar vs Voltron
Have a date with Scarlett Johansson
And have Taylor Swift sing a song titled "Whats wrong with me?"

Too much?
I would use this as a chance to pretend I could channel. Take that!
you kidding? i find myself in TAR every night...
Well being that i'm a WolfBrother I would run with a pack of wolves and experience what that sensory language is that they use. Sending them the smells of Mac n Cheese and Sending them pictures of Kim Kardashian and me peeing on her marking my territory. We would run down deer, and of course not kill them here because they'd die in real life...and then after that since as a wolf i have awesome control over this world, I'd go ahead and create Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, and C.J. Miles and give Rand a run for his money with my 3 wives!!! Waking up would suck.
of course I would sneak in and take a peek or two at A Memory of light . if I don´t find it the usually way I will search by need.
I would fly around the world, or just to disney land to go on the rides without having to wait in any ridiculous lines

of course I would sneak in and take a peek or two at A Memory of light . if I don´t find it the usually way I will search by need.

twood be annoying having it keep vanishing/switching...
I would visit all the places all over the world that I want to see. And of course try my hand at channeling.
I'm pretty sure I'd end up flying all night long.
Man I would go see the world. Imagine seeing Paris, Rome, Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal without crowds!
I would see if James Rigney was there somewhere, and sit down for a discussion of the whys and hows of the books if I found him.
I would go find the heroes of the horn and just talk to them non stop. I got so many questions for Artur Hawking and possibly even for the Dragon depending on how the last book turns out
I would cosplay all night long.
I think I would start with searching by need. I like the thought that even though I may not know what that is, I would find it anyway. Where else can you discover what you need before you know you need it?? I'd also be VERY careful to avoid nightmares.
Okay, we have our winners! They are:

Dan al'Thor

Congrats, all! Expect a PM from me shortly.

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