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Video: The Robert Jordan Story

Posted by Jason on Dec 07 2012 11:00 AM under in A Memory of Light
Tor Books has released the second of several promotional videos for A Memory of Light.

This video, called, "The Robert Jordan Story", is an insightful look at the life or James Rigney, aka Robert Jordan. It includes stories and photos that most fans have probably not heard.

As with the first promotional video, this one features interviews with Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, Tor publisher Tom Doherty, and Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel.

Expect to see at least one more video from Tor over the next several weeks. Here's the video:


Please pass this video onto your friends and family. This is a great way to share the phenomenon of the Wheel of Time with a wider audience.

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Posted by Jason on Dec 07 2012 11:00 AM under in A Memory of Light


*SIGH*  Can. Not. Wait.


I love the job Brandon has done, but still, I miss RJ.  I wish he could have written 1,000 novels in his time.  Such a brilliant writer.  I would have loved to see what he had planned for his next act.  "Infinity of Heaven" was it?

Oh this almost made me cry. He was the best. 

@metalhead "whatever cannot be avoided, must be endured" *sigh* but i sure dont wanna!

Its epic. The soundtrack in the video made me think of A Memory of Light. For the first time ever in life, i would be waiting not for christmas/new year but the launching of this book.

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