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Michael Whelan to paint AMOL book cover

Posted by Jason on Feb 27 2012 09:25 AM under in A Memory of Light
Tor Books announced today that Michael Whelan, the celebrated award-winning artist known throughout the industry, will paint the book cover for A Memory of Light.

Mr. Whelan was previously commissioned to paint the eBook cover, but with the recent death of Darrell K. Sweet, he was asked to paint the US hardcover edition as well.

Mr. Whelan:

"I’m flattered to no end to have been asked to work on such a prestigious and popular project. My only regret is that it had to come under such unfortunate circumstances; I never would have accepted had Darrell been here to see the Wheel of Time saga to it’s completion. It will always remain a testament to his career, and I’m humbled to stand in his shadow for the work on the final volume."

The full announcement is available on Tor.com.

No release date for the cover has been announced. We will, of course, have links and full imagery once it's released.

(The image attached to this article is from Mr. Whelan's painting for Tad Williams' first book in the Otherland series.)
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Posted by Jason on Feb 27 2012 09:25 AM under in A Memory of Light


Cool. I was wondering who was going to do it since Mr Sweets death.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Harriet, Please show us the unfinished DKS cover!! Yeah the guy had a bad wrap over the years but most of us still LOVED him and LOVE the WoT covers! With Jason telling us it's one of his best, well, it's unbearable thinking we might never get to see it. Please incorporate into AMOL...it won't "take away" from Whelan's vision, because his vision will be....ON THE COVER!!!!
I agree that I would like to see his design draft(s), perhaps inside cover? Or just before the prologue?
It would indeed be a shame to let it go to waste. It should definitely be included in AMOL in his memory.
Oh this is SO awesome. Yet another reason I cannot wait!!!!!
I'd like to see Whelan draw his interpretation of DKS's draft so that there is some degree of consistency between AMoL's cover and all the others. Otherwise it's going to stick out like a sore thumb.
Awesome, I love Whelan's work.
Whelan is probably my favorite cover artist, so I think he is a great replacement. Still wish DKS would have been able to finish his.
I think it would be cool if we could see DKS unfinished cover as well
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It would be great to see DKS unfinished cover, especially if it is so great and not yet finished. I'm thinking inside cover to, sort of a "surprise" to us readers when we open the cover...
I agree order - I would love to see it or see that incorporated into whelans work. This will be amazing!

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