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Brandon discusses AMOL notes

Posted by Jason on Oct 08 2013 09:05 AM under in A Memory of Light

This morning Brandon Sanderson launched a new page on his website discussing the process of creating the final three Wheel of Time novels: The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight, and A Memory of Light


The page is intended to be the first in an on-going series of articles chronicling some of the lessons and discoveries he made while writing these books. But Brandon said that a lot of details about why he made certain decisions will have to wait before being shared with us:



Harriet pointed out that work on the encyclopedia of the Wheel of Time is still in progress. She and Team Jordan haven’t yet finished deciding what tidbits from the notes they want to include in the encyclopedia, and she thinks now is not the time to release them. (Or even for me to talk about specifics.)

Therefore, I can’t talk about many specific scenes. Instead, then, I want to talk about the general process—which might be of more interest to many of you. 


Head over to his website and enjoy some of his insights about reading Robert Jordan's notes for the first time. A lot of this is likely to be familiar to long-time fans, but you can expect to see some new insights as time goes by. 

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Posted by Jason on Oct 08 2013 09:05 AM under in A Memory of Light



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