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A Memory of Light Release Date Speculation

Posted by jenniferl on Oct 13 2011 08:00 PM under in A Memory of Light
Earlier this week, Orbit, the UK publisher for The Wheel of Time series, released a video promoting a November 2012 release date for A Memory of Light. This prompted many fans to ask whether or not this was indeed the official release, especially as it contradicted earlier estimates that the book might be ready in time for a March 2012 release.

Blogger Adam Whitehead, of the popular review site "The Wertzone", went straight to the source and asked Brandon Sanderson on Twitter for us:

I thought that was still up in the air and an earlier release was possible (especially if @BrandSanderson delivers by Jan 2012).

And received the following response:

@Werthead The date hasn't been picked yet, so theoretically anything next year is possible.

@Werthead However, realistically, I doubt Tor will pass up the holiday season for the last WoT book. Or at least the summer season.

@Werthead While they COULD pick spring, it wouldn't make much sense marketing wise, and I think Harriet wants a good six months to edit.

@Werthead That means July is the earliest, November the latest, we will see the book. I'd put my money on somewhere in-between.

Justin Golenbock, Senior Publicist for Tor Books and the guy who handles publicity for The Wheel of Time and Sanderson's other books, also chimed in:

@Werthead Adam, we have Nov 12 as well, but that's tentative based on final editing. Harriet's in the drivers seat on the pub date:)

So there you have it, folks. Team Jordan is still on track to get the final Wheel of Time volume out to us next year. It looks like a spring release is no longer an option and the earliest we could reasonably expect to see the book will be next summer. As soon as we have a firm release date from the publishers, we'll update the site and our A Memory of Light information page to reflect that.

On a related note, JordanCon, a non-profit fantasy literature convention founded in honor of Robert Jordan, is currently running a drawing with the prize being a chance to get your name in A Memory of Light. The money is going to help defray JordanCon's operating costs, with a percentage being set aside for the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis research fund. The drawing runs until December, but Sanderson is already choosing names. If you'd like to enter, please visit www.jordancon.org.
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Posted by jenniferl on Oct 13 2011 08:00 PM under in A Memory of Light


It better be before Dec. 2012! Our own Tarmon Gaidon is coming!
I rather agree with this statemen.
What about us milions of fans around the globe that need to wait additional 3-5 months from the official release date in order to read the book.The world will end and i will no be able to read it:)))!!!How sad.Let me give you an example of how fast a book can be released.In Bulgaria the local editor of "Wheel of time" series is called "BARD" and when a new book of the series is officialy released in US it usualy takes between 3-5 months until it is released in Bulgaria.Our local publisher needs to translate the book wich takes some additional time and they still manage to release it within the time frame i've mentioned.So i think that the book can be published in US roughly 3 months after the script is competed by Sanderson.And mark this ,in US the book does not need to be translated.So my prophecy will be:If the script is completed between january and march we can expect it arround april and june.This is technicly possible but,is it desireble it is quite another matter.As far as i know the fans arround the world are milions upon milions and we will buy the book instantly after is released with regardless what time of the year it is.I do even consider to buy it in english because i can not wait anymore.I bought "Towers of midnight"the first day after it was released in US abd i red it altough i had some problems with the details because of my english.And i am sorry for the crapy englesh.
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. 12/21/12 - The end of (The Wheel of) Time as we know it.

I'm in no rush... I still have to read The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight for the first time. However, for the fans who have been waiting for 20 years for this book, I can sympathize with their frustration.
No rush! I'll enjoy it when it's ready.
Are you kidding? I've waited 22 years for this series to be finished. What's another year? LOL. I agree with many of the fans here that want the best possible product that they can get. This IS the final book after all. As the final volume in a literary masterpiece, the imagery from reading, plot tie-ups, and the last chapter of the character's lives will be how this entire series is remembered. Ever watch a movie that started out great, but had a terrible ending? Kinda makes the whole movie suck. Brandon Sanderson is under a HUGE amount of pressure for this book to be perfect and to honor the memory and life work of James Oliver Rigney Jr. There will most likely never be another Wheel of Time book or another story about the characters. So I'm content with waiting for it to be as perfect as possible. Besides, 1 book every 2 years is a much better timeframe then I've grown accustomed to with this series. ;-)
Please take your time with this one as the last one had a litany of serious grammatical errors which were hard to overlook. Not happy it's going to take till what I anticipate will be December 2012 to come out, because after all we were initially told January, but not surprised. I understand it is all about the marketing but try to care that some of us have stuck with you for almost a 1/4 century...you've made enough money, just get it right, please!
It's the final book. It's coming out in 2012. I'm okay with it (even though it contradicts the "trilogy" scheduling announcement from several years ago).

However, if it suddenly becomes the penultimate book in the series because of "binding" reason or whatever, it'll be time to rage.
Ok, first off, I have been reading this series sence it was first published, and having more then a year between books has happened before, While I dont like it, this is the LAST book in the series and if Harriet wants to take 2 years to make it perfect then fine I am cool with that, she does what she does for both her husbands memory and his fans. I really doubt that tor will hold the book for marketing reasons, because most people that have not read the book will not buy the last book in the series first. They will release it when they can. I have seen entirely too many long book series that the author just got tired of writeing the books, and it looks like the last book or the ending trilogy was just called in just to finish it, sword of truth for instance, However Mr. Jordan was writeing up untill he died, and he seemed to LOVE his charcters as much as we his loyal fans do. Brandon has taken up the challenge of finishing the series in such a way that Mr. Jordan would have wanted, as well as how Harriet wants. While i know it sucks to wait for an entire year more to finish this series, we the fans should be thankfull that at least it is being finished, instead of having it dropped off because the author died.

just my two scents
As far as i can remember, (from The Dragon Reborn on) every release date has been in November October timeframes. I would have thought we would be used to that by now. I agree with all the comments that I read (i.e., March got my hopes up) but those of us who've been reading this series for over a decade should know about proto-release dates. The other thing I agree with is that I want them to get it right. Waiting twenty years to finish a series that sucked would suck, and if they blow the ending....you see my point. Since RJ himself wrote it, we only have to worry about him getting a wild hair like Stephen King and the Dark Tower, or Frank Herbert and Dune (Booo!!!!! Hisssss!!!) but it is still a possibility.
Frankly, I expected the book to be released last November. When it wasn't, I first thought that I'd have to wait another year. I'm rather surprised others didn't expect that the March date would be tenative. (Apologies to those that did). Still, unless the world ends, it will be finished this year. Havepatience, and empathize with those of us who had to wait two-plus years for each book after Lord of Chaos, especially Book Ten. (Mild shuddering brought on by the disappointing memory of those Dark-as-the-Sith-Empire Times)
I don't mean to make light of WoT fans... having been a WoT fan since I was in 7th grade and only 3 books were released. But being an even bigger fan of GRRM, I am estatic I get the book before next Christmas! 2 years? 4 years? bah, they are nothing. After 7 year wait for A Dance with Dragons (from A Storm of Swords, story-wise), I can wait 2 years without any complaint. What's 6 more months? Especially if it will save us the editing errors of tToM (I was NOT pleased with all the broken sentences and horrible spelling in a $40 hardcover). Anyway, happy waiting! It will fly by, trust me.

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