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Today, 05:28 AM

The Greatest Day of Our Lives - Take That

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Yesterday, 08:10 PM

*just laughs* You're welcome.

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Yesterday, 07:52 PM

I like it up there. I'm from Fife (St Andrews area), but my Dad lived in Aberdeen and later further north when I was growing up which meant my school hols were spent there. Not as far north as Lerwick obviously lol. Then I went to uni in Dundee so yeah, I'm very much an east coast girl. Why ports? Oil industry?

In Topic: Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition!

Yesterday, 07:47 PM

I need to do something to lose 53 points! I could pull Tay's hair but I'm pretty sure that'd lose me more than 53 points... I could kick Brid in the shins, but she hasn't ever done anything to me. I COULD agree with Dice about something--but that's really just crossing the line. Curse this arbitrary scoring system!  :ph34r:


Wait! I think I have it!


Aberdeen needs to learn how to kick a football, Tay!


OI OI OI OI !!!!  :ohmy:  They won their last match 3-0 I'll have you know. Minus 53 points! :blink:

Do you even know what these points are for?  Cause I have....2940.



Isn't it fun? *giggles*


I can't answer that without potentially losing more points that I want too! :ohmy:  :wacko:


Smart cookie.

In Topic: Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition!

Yesterday, 06:55 PM

1. How long have you been in the Band?  Brid and I joined right about the same time in August 2006, she was maybe a week ahead of me.


2. Tell me the most important thing I should know about you. That I don't share the important things easily or with many people.


3. Share one fact about yourself that I wouldn't be able to pick up from simply reading the boards.




4. What's the one thing that makes you most proud of your Regiment? That against all the odds, it's still going. Been a close thing in recent times but it's hanging on in there. Says a lot about the people who have made and do make it what it is.


5. Have you read all of the WoT books or only some and which did you enjoy most? I've read all of them except aMoL, including New Spring and the BWB. It's been a while though and I need to re-read from the beginning. I didn't bother to do it before the last couple of books and it was a big mistake. However, the prospect of reading them all again is daunting and time consuming so I keep putting it off.


6. We're all about the music in the Band, pick 3 tracks that tell me something about you and your personality.






7. Orange is an evil colour and must be banned. (Please sign and date this statement in blood. (Not necessarily your own.)) TAY 27/02/15 :tongue: @ Horn


8. When we're not being all about the music, we're wandering these fair lands of ours. A travelling we will go etc. a) If you could visit 1 country, where would it be and why? b) What one item would you absolutely have to take with you on your travels? Canada. I have family over there but have only met 4 of them when they came to Scotland back in the early 90's. I've stayed in touch on and off but then about a year ago, a cousin from another branch found me. It was an unexpected pleasure when we really clicked over our joint interest in family history. I'd like to meet him and his son along with my other cousins and see my Aunts and Uncles again. (Naturally I'd like to go meet all my bandeds/bondeds/adopteds but that would cover multiple continents, never mind countries.)


I'd take a memory journal and glue stick (they come as a set so 1 item  :tongue: ) with me to record my travels because I keep things like travel tickets and a journal lets me mix up items like that with actual photos or postcards.


9. What are your best memories of your time in the Band to date? i) My bandings. All of them. Always. ii) Being made Infantry CG for the first time. Of all the Staff positions I held, it meant most to me. iii) Being awarded the Matrim for Best Bander iv) Many fantastic Org Game battles v) Some absolutely outrageous RA Trials.


Really, as Brid said, too many to mention.


10. Describe one goal that you've met or achieved over the last 12 months. Doesn't matter how small or how big, just something that's a personal achievement and it can be as a Bander or in normal life...your choice. Well, I have two. The first is somewhat of an ongoing achievement but I finally quit smoking back in May 2012 after many failed attempts, and I'm incredibly pleased with myself because I didn't use any quitting aids. I never looked back...almost 3 years with no lapse.


The second would be setting up my own business over the last 17 months, all official-like, and getting off State benefits. It's really hard work and long hours but I love what I do. The sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to develop my skills has been like growing wings.