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Raising time

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#1 Arath Faringal

Arath Faringal
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Posted 08 April 2012 - 05:23 AM

*Drum rolls, fanfare, whatnot*

Hear ye, hear ye! Grimm, aka Baran Dolwhin, aka Mr. I-like-to-go-to-the-WT-and-pick-fights-with-Aes-Sedai, has completed all requirements for promotion, and will now be receiving a shiny new rank pin.

*fishes pin out of pocket*

See? Isn't it shiny?

It's taken a long time, but he stuck through to the end. Congratulations Grimm.
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#2 Dalinar

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 05:07 PM

Grats Grimm :) Good to see a raising for the first time since my return! :)

#3 Grimm

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 09:19 PM

Hey, those stuck up, White Tower loving...Oh wait, a new pin? Wooo! *Makes a flying dive for the Dragon Pin.* I just want to thank...hmmm...the folks who were involved in all my threads! Thanks, peeps!
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#4 Elgee


    Dragonmount's Cuddly Elaida

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 12:50 AM

Congratulations, our fine Aes Sedai loving friend *grins*

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#5 Wayward_fool



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Posted 09 April 2012 - 01:04 AM

Ooooo... I wonder when it'll be MY turn... *hopeful look*

*is smacked*

FINE! BE THAT WAY! *sulks*

Congrats, Grimm!

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#6 Nynaeve


    Naughty Bunny

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 06:10 AM

Grats Grimm :)


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